Sunday, April 12, 2009


Lu ai mango ah?
( You want mango? in Hokkien)

My father just asked my mother and me that, which reminds me about this.

It's been mango season here in Malaysia for quite a while now, and frankly speaking it's been raining mango all week long, literally. Mangos are so cheap and available in abundance locally and from Thailand hence overwhelming the general population by it's sudden abundance.

Even the word M-A-N-G-O has begun to rediscover itself in my vocabulary, after staying so long in Singapore where she's way too pricey I've lost touch of the Mangonism in me. The word MANGO sounds so distant from reality and despite my logic reminding me MANGO is the yellow fruit I've learnt in kindergarden, a part of me still didn't fully accept it.

Until recently when the mango spree surfaced. I tell you the mango here is really available in abundance, the price being at 2.50ringgit( 1.10 Sing Dollar) per KG. My mother being my mother had been buying lots of them my whole house are literally decorated by them.

I even offered Ivan and Keat a souvenir from visiting my house the other day in the form of a mango lawl.

Anyway back to the point. When my father mentioned that he reminded me of my dream last night. In my dream I was being chased and hunted by some federal agent and so I was on the run the whole time. I was in some village which had a river running through it and despite the temptation to fish I've continued moving on. And in that dream somewhere somehow, I've saw tonnes of mangos here and there passing it's due date, and starting to rot.


P/s: As I'm typed that my father put a slice of juicy mango flesh into his mouth and it's down.

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