Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Becoming Stupider With Each Passing Day

It's been almost two months since education formally ended for me in Singapore Poly.

There was a time when Ivan told me having 4 months of holiday is torturous but being in the circumstances then, I laugh it off. I thought, how bad can it actually be, right?

Brain Shrinkage- Is it real?

Now each passing day is becoming more torturing than ever because I'm maintaining an idle mind, and seriously it's really that bad.

I'm sitting at home and at this rate one week from now I'll be quite still like now, an absolute near zero life development progress.

William ' Willy Wonka'

I was ranting to Jenny and Willy Wonka bout this since I'm not sure when. Jenny always try to comfort me whereas Willy try to explain his 'brain shrinkage' theory on me.
My intellectual growth is hitting negative figures soon if not yet. I seriously feel I'm becoming helplessly stupid-er by each passing day.

I seriously need a makeover, a mental stimulator sooner rather than later.


JennyTay said...

maybe coz u're eating too much mangos...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha if i continue to grow stupider it must be because of the hottie honeydew!