Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Running ( Random Rubbish posttttttt)

Lately I've been up to this something called ' Free Running/ Parkour '. Though it isn't new to me, it was officially introduced to me by none other than Ivan.

Well free running is basically the combination of gymnastic and street running. It's the thing those bad teens do from the movies, running and jumping hanging and clinging over walls, fences, grills and buildings. That's free running, Just exactly what's the difference between Free Running and Parkour I have no idea but it doesn't really matter now does it?

I find free running interesting because it requires creativity, guts, muscles and above all, it offers freedom of expression. It wows people too :D. All of which is part of me, hence making this sport really my thing.

Free running is fun.

Free running is fun.

Free running is amazing.

Free running is tough and hurtful at times.

but it's fun and thrilling.

Damn. I need to go sleep now. Bye. Go google or wiki it and tell me something I would love to hear :)

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cheahwey said...

Some time in the future, post a video of you free running to make people go, "whoa, Jordan's so cool".