Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dog and Cat, dammit.

My house and my neighbour house.

My house got 1 dog my Malay neighbour house got lots of cat.

My house always got dog food at night, and dog don't finish eating dog food.

Neighbour got lots of cat and cats come roaming into my house compound for food.

They might think it's funny but I don't. My dog just sleep it through, cat outnumbering dog always.

That was then.


My dog go roaming around and bring back another dog. She's here to stay.

My dog and other dog created 'reinforcements'

Then, my dog is one dog so he can't defend the house perimeter

Now my dog is two dogs and the other dog is a pure stray, so good at doing stray stuff.

She is killing my neighbours cats

Especially those straying into my house at night.

Their casualties is almost hitting double digits for God's sake.

I just just make the mother dog vanish coz she's still milking the puppies, but.


. . .

The dog just killed another cat moments ago.

What should I do.

Do I need to make you into Dog Soup™ ?

Do I need to give you a ride and guide you into the Klang River?

Do you need a new owner Ivan, and a new dog Dino?

My gawd.

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