Monday, April 27, 2009

Devine Intervention

I was having a little talk with my sister over family matters. I was telling her about our family and how disfunctional it is because she wanted to know.

I said my father is like this and that, my brother don't talk in the car bla bla bla stuff like that.

She said, yes I know this but I've been praying for you everynight this that since I'm always in Singapore bla bla bla you have 60 more years to live and change thanks to my prayers bla bla bla.

. . .

In the evening I told my brother how Andrey Arshavin is helping my Arsenal win football matches is very much like a devine intervention.

In the night my sister used that very same line against me when she summed up her point in two words after all the religious talks:

" Yeah that's devine intervention " * wink*

. . .

Well she is free to do what she wants and believe in what she choose to, but I always felt I've got the plot under control and her new religion now is just another piece of the story. She's a good and keen learner so it's no wanders she's always picking up new things in life.

But some day when she finally call it quits, I'll be there saying " Didn't I told you so " .

Devine intervention, alright.

I don't believe in it.

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