Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Mother's House La

I once had the opportunity and worked with my mother's company as a simple site clerk on a luxurious apartment located in the heart of KL overlooking Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower.
That was two years ago. Fast forward time //

I went down there today to visit the since completed building. Although relatively new, the condo is fully functional and is only going to pick up momentum with time.

Went for a dunk in the pool and the view from there is simply breathtaking, leaving me with no choice but to share it on my bloggie.

Oh, do note that the swimming pool is located on the open area at the 8th floor (:


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Running ( Random Rubbish posttttttt)

Lately I've been up to this something called ' Free Running/ Parkour '. Though it isn't new to me, it was officially introduced to me by none other than Ivan.

Well free running is basically the combination of gymnastic and street running. It's the thing those bad teens do from the movies, running and jumping hanging and clinging over walls, fences, grills and buildings. That's free running, Just exactly what's the difference between Free Running and Parkour I have no idea but it doesn't really matter now does it?

I find free running interesting because it requires creativity, guts, muscles and above all, it offers freedom of expression. It wows people too :D. All of which is part of me, hence making this sport really my thing.

Free running is fun.

Free running is fun.

Free running is amazing.

Free running is tough and hurtful at times.

but it's fun and thrilling.

Damn. I need to go sleep now. Bye. Go google or wiki it and tell me something I would love to hear :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Devine Intervention

I was having a little talk with my sister over family matters. I was telling her about our family and how disfunctional it is because she wanted to know.

I said my father is like this and that, my brother don't talk in the car bla bla bla stuff like that.

She said, yes I know this but I've been praying for you everynight this that since I'm always in Singapore bla bla bla you have 60 more years to live and change thanks to my prayers bla bla bla.

. . .

In the evening I told my brother how Andrey Arshavin is helping my Arsenal win football matches is very much like a devine intervention.

In the night my sister used that very same line against me when she summed up her point in two words after all the religious talks:

" Yeah that's devine intervention " * wink*

. . .

Well she is free to do what she wants and believe in what she choose to, but I always felt I've got the plot under control and her new religion now is just another piece of the story. She's a good and keen learner so it's no wanders she's always picking up new things in life.

But some day when she finally call it quits, I'll be there saying " Didn't I told you so " .

Devine intervention, alright.

I don't believe in it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hot Everyday

The weather is so hot and my house with it's huge concrete compound is an oven in the day.

It's hot.

It's really that hot.

. . .

I think the guys at Discovery Channel should do a documentary on what is the long term effect on ordinary innocent humans subjected to constant and prolonged heatwave.

Maybe the brain will cook or slow down and come to a halt. Maybe the liver and guts will be degenerate,shrink and eventually cook. Maybe the balls will shrink and evaporate. Maybes.

. . .

This feels like one big joke from above and beyond.

Maybe this explains my recent nocturnal behavior too.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when sky's are grey
You'll never know Dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

What an funny irony.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Your Next Football Pundit

From, post Arsenal-Liverpool match this morning. I wrote:


Sorry to you Liverpool friends of mine for ruining your day, especially Claryn, Shanmin and Ruzainie.

p/s: Did anyone noticed the number 32 again? It's haunting me.

Dog and Cat, dammit.

My house and my neighbour house.

My house got 1 dog my Malay neighbour house got lots of cat.

My house always got dog food at night, and dog don't finish eating dog food.

Neighbour got lots of cat and cats come roaming into my house compound for food.

They might think it's funny but I don't. My dog just sleep it through, cat outnumbering dog always.

That was then.


My dog go roaming around and bring back another dog. She's here to stay.

My dog and other dog created 'reinforcements'

Then, my dog is one dog so he can't defend the house perimeter

Now my dog is two dogs and the other dog is a pure stray, so good at doing stray stuff.

She is killing my neighbours cats

Especially those straying into my house at night.

Their casualties is almost hitting double digits for God's sake.

I just just make the mother dog vanish coz she's still milking the puppies, but.


. . .

The dog just killed another cat moments ago.

What should I do.

Do I need to make you into Dog Soup™ ?

Do I need to give you a ride and guide you into the Klang River?

Do you need a new owner Ivan, and a new dog Dino?

My gawd.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Turn of a Generation

Introducing Texas-

Introducing Texas's Texas Jr's :

Sharonny feeling the wrath of the DOG x 1

. . .

Oh ya, FYI that's 6 puppies in total- 2 blackie, 2 whitey and 2 Texas Jr.

-The two blacks has no formal name, one with a white stripe across his forehead the other doesn't

-The two whitey, one is named Panda Dog( by keat and me, Pandamonium by my bro), the other's Teddy the gal.

And lastly the two Texas Jr, one has a straight tail whereby the other has a short tail.

Did you notice them?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Becoming Stupider With Each Passing Day

It's been almost two months since education formally ended for me in Singapore Poly.

There was a time when Ivan told me having 4 months of holiday is torturous but being in the circumstances then, I laugh it off. I thought, how bad can it actually be, right?

Brain Shrinkage- Is it real?

Now each passing day is becoming more torturing than ever because I'm maintaining an idle mind, and seriously it's really that bad.

I'm sitting at home and at this rate one week from now I'll be quite still like now, an absolute near zero life development progress.

William ' Willy Wonka'

I was ranting to Jenny and Willy Wonka bout this since I'm not sure when. Jenny always try to comfort me whereas Willy try to explain his 'brain shrinkage' theory on me.
My intellectual growth is hitting negative figures soon if not yet. I seriously feel I'm becoming helplessly stupid-er by each passing day.

I seriously need a makeover, a mental stimulator sooner rather than later.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Picture was a Picturelation Away


For a moment this seems funny. I seriously thought the colour rich profile picture belongs to Yunli.

Oh, she's Yunli. Like I didn't know.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Lu ai mango ah?
( You want mango? in Hokkien)

My father just asked my mother and me that, which reminds me about this.

It's been mango season here in Malaysia for quite a while now, and frankly speaking it's been raining mango all week long, literally. Mangos are so cheap and available in abundance locally and from Thailand hence overwhelming the general population by it's sudden abundance.

Even the word M-A-N-G-O has begun to rediscover itself in my vocabulary, after staying so long in Singapore where she's way too pricey I've lost touch of the Mangonism in me. The word MANGO sounds so distant from reality and despite my logic reminding me MANGO is the yellow fruit I've learnt in kindergarden, a part of me still didn't fully accept it.

Until recently when the mango spree surfaced. I tell you the mango here is really available in abundance, the price being at 2.50ringgit( 1.10 Sing Dollar) per KG. My mother being my mother had been buying lots of them my whole house are literally decorated by them.

I even offered Ivan and Keat a souvenir from visiting my house the other day in the form of a mango lawl.

Anyway back to the point. When my father mentioned that he reminded me of my dream last night. In my dream I was being chased and hunted by some federal agent and so I was on the run the whole time. I was in some village which had a river running through it and despite the temptation to fish I've continued moving on. And in that dream somewhere somehow, I've saw tonnes of mangos here and there passing it's due date, and starting to rot.


P/s: As I'm typed that my father put a slice of juicy mango flesh into his mouth and it's down.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chilling Falls

The story of Wednesday's trip to Chilling Falls by me, Joash and Ivan of Ivan's version here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Death Doing us A Part


..and the result is Road accident
You will die in a Hit and Run accident on your way back home

This is true, and it's surely because of one of these two idiots-

Ivan and William

.. or even both. I'm sitting in their car almost everyday and that feeling of 'near ending' creeps me every time I watch them pull off a lucky maneuver on the road. It's insane, really.

I tried telling warning William but I doubt he took it seriously-

Jordan :
noob I'm gonna die in a car accident
must be either you or ivan's reckless driving

Willy Wonka 'William' :
noob driving u la
we r pro
drivers with safety

Jordan :
i am a pro co driver too
one day i might lose my mind and start molesting you both while driving

Willy Wonka 'William' :
tats y u r the main cause of it

Just a little more (a little more..) and mankind is doomed with people like me around.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You Got Me


The hardest part of holding on is letting you go

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anyone wants to go Backpacking to Vietnam ?

I had a unexpected suprise when my father suggested I go backpackking to Vietnam or something. He is going to sponser me 1k for this cause and with an offer like that it's too good to turn down.

I have the time, I have the freedom, I have the experience for independent efforts like this and now I have the financial backing. My mother and sister went on a similar trip last year only further motivates me about going.

I need to find a couple of travel kaki to go with me.

The Mission : To live a low cost lifestyle for as long as possible, while
using the opportunity to explore and travel the country.

Where? Vietnam. Elsewhere can too, but for now it's Vietnam.

When? Anytime between now and end of May.

I have a few names in mind:
1. Jeslynn
2. Ivan
3. Rahul
4. Geoshua

So anyone interested to join?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to Sin Sity

Came across this quick online test about our greatest 7 types of Sins from HPL's blog.

The quiz consist of simple questions with a variety of detailed answers to more accurately represent our true self, and not too lengthy. I spent a minute or two and the results is worth the time.

Quiz here, do check it out.

Here's my results;




Sloth:Very High



Pride:Very High

Just for the record,

Sloth: habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness
Gluttony: excessive eating and drinking

Wrath: vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger

Okay. So I'm generally speaking,
1. Not so greedy a person
2. Am not such a big eater or regular food craving craver,
3. You don't want to find trouble with me in my state of mind,
4. I'm lazy and despite trying to beat the habit I guess it's just part of me. But I'm trying everyday to be a better person.
5. I envy the better things in others alot, like physique, partner, drive, pet, skills etc. Something which I always known and always am,
6. I'm not notorious for lust,
7. AND I take pride very,very seriously. Especially my own.

Conclusion- Scoring alot in terms of Sin qualities, I guess it's only normal for a human to naturally have a darker side. With that he might push and pursue for the better and that livelong task of balancing between being an Angel and returning to a Devil makes life worth living.

Oh, and I didn't score any LOW, something I'm not surprised of either.

P/s: this is NOT an April Fool joke lol