Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where Am I?

-Eh why your blog so no updates one? Update leh-

I'm busy. That's why my blog is empty. Das Connection is dead.

That's the theory anyway.

A combination of no regular daily routine and sleeping hours, dreadful internet speed and a sudden change of environment is most likely the cause of the lack of updates.

To get myself to start blogging is a hard thing on it's own, because I don't have my regular time online like I did in Singapore, nor a empty mind which usually sparks something out of nothing. I'm just plain occupied.

One one hand I've the very regular Ivan + Alan kaki which comes by my house every other day.

And then there's the William dude who even better, just comes enter and watch TV like his own father house.

Next, there's Sharon living just down the road. Might call me anytime anyday so I'm always on standby mode for this sweetie.

And Waicheen, MIA of late but to reappear soon.

And Jenny, my new and mysterious long time neighbour which I've just found out about recently.

And Ruzainie, my long time brother too. Said we are going hiking this Monday.

Not to mention my own brother, who needs to be taught a lesson in soccer and my dog. He needs attention and a walk.

Sometimes I notice life is very boring and uneventful that even a small outing could make an entire blog entry about, but this is not times like that. If I seriously document every event out at the end of the day, I'll die. Just drop dead and die.

Over and out.


cheahwey said...

So are you in PJ for a few days or for good?

Jordan said...

as of now, a few days. I am somewhat hoping I'll get paid work in Singapore sometime soon. Accomodation there is killing me. Bleeding money, literally.