Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Socializing is not my thing.

Socializing is not my natural thing. I can do it at will but when I'm not I am as sealed up as a hermit crab. To me there is a distinct difference between communicating with friends and family, and interacting with contacts and near strangers.

I talk to people their existence I adknowledge and approve of one way, whereas I talk to others in a different manner. Superficially, it's more polite and generally accepted to be kind. I have to, for positive initial impression's sake.

But to those closer to me like father brother mother sister as family, Ivan William Jenny as friends, Keat as GF, Ruzainie and Sufian as brothers, Ivy and Beatrice as sisters and of course Texas as pet, there's a clear difference in the way I speak, my frequency of speech, my content and so. That is what I know as communicating- the act of interacting between two individuals without any barrier, any risk and stakes and any coefficient factor whatsoever.

Socializing to me with the general public is an on-off thing. When I feel like doing it- befriending a person I'm interested in or networking- I can. Other times like now I'm felling sick of meeting new people and entertaining other people highly, and I'll just cut off incoming social connections. Not those instant mandatory type like while ordering a friend rice as a shop, but connections like a friend's friend becoming a friend. Things like that.

Times like now I'm more into spending quality time with quality people ( like Hiking up Bukit Tabur) hence less interested in socializing. If you happen to be know me now, frankly it's a poor time to do so.

I was looking at Facebook and felt disgusted when I see girls posting pictures of their Girlfriend group, friend messaging me about some blog related stuff la. All this disgust me because this is what I call socializing. Well it's just not my thing.

Sorry if I sound like a brat or anything equivalent. It's just me.

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