Monday, March 30, 2009

I Got Locked Outside( And Broke In)

I reached at my doorstep after our movie. Ivan dropped me home while the time is 2.30am.

I knew in advance I didn't had my key with me, but as always no worry because there's always a plan B. He dropped me at my front gate and they waited for me to go into my house safely, but upon checking at the designated back up key location to find NO KEY, I delay dally around to avoid causing suspicions.

They reluctantly left as I acted as if everything is OK.. or so they think, or so I made them think.

...2.486 seconds later I kinda regretted doing so.
But no, life is about looking forward not back hence logic now worry later.

Once upon a time a week or so back my father told me something about the secret location of a spare front grill key, and I think I know where's here referring to.

Well today I realised it's eiher: a. He conned me; b. MAYBE I've overlooked his advice.
I deny the possibility of B so lala..

Okay. So what, no key? No big deal. So what, no back up key? No big deal.
I decided to implement my expert training years ago in the art of Lockpicking™. I've picked it up back then in secondary school and it has helped me well ever since. Flack back of Ivan experimenting it in class and Geoshua showing off his so called talent comes to mind. While, still figuring out how to tackle this problem.

Found a metal wire from an old antic light deco next to the door and immediately modified it. Part 1 of 2 down. Next, the trigger pin. Checked the car's driver pocket for it. My hand phone light will come in handy about.... now. WAIT.
Mana my hand phone? Shit. no. no. don't. no. alamak. shit. SHIT. I left my hand phone in Ivan's car. It's so not me but things like this happens.
I can't call into the house now. Great.

Nevermindd. Life goes on. I shall settle it later. I need to go home. I need to go in the house.

I need to use the phones in the house to contact my phone before Ivan reaches home and goes to bed leaving my phone in the back seat calling for a crime. I need to get in.

I need to pick the bloody lock, and now.

I modified the second piece and soon it's operation underway as I started raking the makansm of the lock.
This is tooo easy. I've done this a thousand times.
While doing so, I'm very wary to keep a low profile to avoid catching helpful attention from the public. You know, I am with a sincere intention but stuck in a not so sincere appearance situation.
If they police on patrol sees this I'm a goner. They're gonna bring me to the lockup and ask questions later, and it's seriously not funny..
Texas in the meanwhile, continues his slumber oblivious to my epic adventure.
. . .

A twitch here and a twitch there later, the lock finally gave in. Finally.

Rushed in to use the fixed house phone line to call my number.. only to realised it's still in silence mode post cinema period.
Shit. Nevermind. I shall try to call Ivan's phone. That would be a better idea. Then.. aiya, I don't have his number anywhere else other than in my phone. Shit. Nevermind, try to called my phone, try...
Only to realised again, my mother has partially cut the house phone's coverage: not able to connect to ANY outstation numbers and ANY MOBILE number.
Shit. Nevermind. So how now?
Took my bothers handphone and called my phone. Low chance but something nevertheless. Was searching through my father's phone running on my Singapore number but the phonebook there is absolutely clean. Shit. Continue dialing as I thought of checking through the smses in hopes of finding an sms from him. Was digging through when finally Ivan picked up.

And his first reply?

Ivan: Eh, siapa ni( Eh who's this?)

I said: Oi you owe me my phone

He continued: Eh , sala nombor la, salah nombor ( eh, wrong number la, wrong number)



So that brings my epic adventure home, into the house that is, to an epic end. Lovely.


cheahwey said...

I brought my newly bought set of cheap lock picks to Aussie with me hoping to be able to practice on something (like my door) but see see, they use door cards *palmface*... and I still don't know how to properly pick a lock

PreCiOuS LiTtLE mOmEnTS said...

as usual.. there's just so so so many stories...

life is interesting with u... hahah =]

Ivan said...

hahaha oh no, not with me but Malaysia-ness in general lol. Ok that makes no sense.

Jordan said...

That's me by the way, above and not Ivan. Was using under his account and didn't notice it lol

PreCiOuS LiTtLE mOmEnTS said...

hahah.. i see... well... its u. my life in ipoh ain't that interesting.. hahaha