Monday, March 9, 2009

The Number 32

Two years ago when my classmates were mass printing a soccer jersey, they asked me what number I wanted to be personalized as mine. I choose the number Thirty - Two, because that's the number of my then football idol, Theo Walcott. He plays for Arsenal and was wearing the number 32 then.

Two years down the road much has changed since then. For a start, Walcott himself had changed the number and 32 is no longer that special. Though the number is still obviously permanently printed behind my white jersey, it bears no special meaning anymore..

..until lately.


Lately I've be @#%^%*$^(@$(^(^$(@@$(^(@$^(@$^(@$^(@$(^$(!!!!!! seeing the number ThirtyTwo every where. As in, EVERYWHERE. You know, it's those rare feeling everynow and then, when you look at the back of your vision and you see a familiar word or logo or sign. Mine is a number. The familiar double side by side number. 3.2.

It's started since 2 months ago and back then I laugh it off as a mere coincidental occurrence. But now, I see it every where. Maybe I'm paranoid or something, but seriously.

Examples( from real past occurrence)

Facebook- 32 friends currently online.
Video- 1 minute and 32 seconds
Song- 4 minutes and 32 seconds.
Road- Car with number plate 4732
Road- Sign board- 32 km
Fairprice- Wine all cost something-something dot 95,45 or whatever cents but particular wine cost 32.00
FIFA computer game- Scored on the 32 minute
DotA- kills: 32
Phone number- xxx32xxxx watever three two.
Facebook: Success, application invites sent to 32 friends
Facebook: ..posted this 32 seconds ago

and so on so forth. I am not making up any of this, seriously. I see the number basically everywhere that where you can imagine, it is possible it is there too.

I don't know is this a good thing or a bad thing, an auspicious or ..not auspicious sign, but I do know I'm freaking seeing it everywhere.

And personally, I don't see the point in seeing so many times of the same double number combination Three Two.

Crazy, really. Someone save me.

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Anonymous said...

I too have had a connection with this number and am trying to figure it out myself. You posted your blog on March 9th. The day that 32 came into my life and its a long story but now that I saw this and your posting I am more than convinced it is a sign of something I would like to know a little bit of your religious standing. Because I am a believer and its not mer "Coinsidence". I am curiouse when this started happening to you and little bit of your background. I will be in touch :) Remember everything happens in its time and place for a reason. It is not by mere coincidence that I cme across your post looking for the meaning of numbers 32 out of the bible and seeing that you posted this on march 9th. Your not crazy!!!!!! ( I too thought the same thing when things started happening over and over )