Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mountain Climbing at Bukit Tabur

I went hiking with Ivan and co. at Bukit Tabur . For a wonderful sight of KL and her surrounding, it surprisingly took only 3 hours of our time from start to finish. We left the place by 12pm.

Tiring as it was, it's very fun and worthwhile indeed too.

That was last Saturday by the way.
Hiking in the morning up and over a hill with people of all ages and races. Way too casual. Seriously, if I was anything near contented with that, I wouldn't be Jordan.

. . .

Yesterday, equipped with Ivan again and SSG, we went up the same hill for a part two. Besides the obvious difference that yesterday was a Monday, the another thing we decided to attempt is to do a night hiking and mountain climbing.

Crazy as it sounds, we had managed to planned it, execute it and most importantly, live to share it. Live to share it. Yes. This ain't the supersafe routine expedition. This is our ownself organized with no insurance , no backing, no authority, no permission, no notice whatsoever shit. On top of the fact that Bukit Tabur itself is a hill almost 400m high with steep slops on both sides of the peak range. A slip easily equals a life defining fall into the unknown. To attempt such a thing is just insane, really.

Ivan picked me up from my house around 5pm. The initial plan was to start hiking at 5 and end at 8. Even so, by then hiking down would be a serious problem least to say. But with people like me and crude plans like this, it functions more like a scope of action rather than a guideline of the future. After loading up all the things and go to his house to meet the other two and have dinner etc, we eventually reached Bukit Tabur at 8pm.

Plans. Lovely. Hadn't I told you.

By then the place is dark and humanless contrary to what I've seen days earlier on a Saturday morning. Driving all the way in to the end, we parked our car and took out our gears. Screw them and whatever in their bags. Between me and Ivan, we've pre-synchronized our stuff. This includes- Kerosene, matchboxes, isotonic drinks, ropes, hammocks, water, gloves, haversack, swiss army knife, DSLR camera,hand phones and a bottle of Chivas of which the last item didn't went up for some reasons. Almost our ideal necessary inventory for an epic adventure.

Mind you, of the four of us we consist of 3 guys and a girl. Between us three regular guys are a total of 9 times conquering the hill. And as of the girl.. well she have potential in rock climbing and endurance activity. Haha.

Already being in a semi stable group mentality for even attempting to do a mad night rock climb, it is no wonder we actually managed to take off in the dense bushes upwards with almost no lights. Up up up we went. The trip consist of three major parts, the hiking up, the rock climbing in between the rocky peak range and the hiking down.

The first part was uneventful and exhausting as we were happily carrying our supply of epic adventure garbage( 90% of which is redundant in normal un-epic adventure). Unlike hiking in the morning with the crowd which barely took half and hour, this thing itself took us about 1 hour. I guess it's something to do with human nature of being extra cautious in the dark perhaps.

Then on, we were literally doing rock climbing on peaks with no safety measures plus half the people with no lighting too( as some people claim to be able to climb better in the dark).

After progressing to almost 50% of the trail, we finally open shop on one of the peaks. I wish not elaborate on this as .. well it's illegal and not right. Hm.

We did lit a bonfire which lasted almost 6 hours with whatever limited resources found in-situ and with the city of Kuala Lumpur to our front, the fires all around us, a ring of lights from above ( which is Genting Highlands in the dark) behind of us and stars all above our head, it is an experience beyond words can describe. While somebody was dying in her house due to global warming hotness, I was there braving enjoying the fresh breeze.

Finally caught some sleep at 2am and woke up at 4am to continue moving.

We were hiking through the steep rock edges with all our stuff and barely made it through when at 6.30 am the nature contributed to make our trip even the more epic. In the middle of a hilltop forest on a steep slope downwards, the rain started pouring heavily. Having no where seek shelter nor nothing to cover ourself, we just hiked down hundreds of meter long trail down under the rain. It was just like in those Lord of the Ring's forest raining night shots, only it's real and was to stay.

With all our stuff soaked and faced with only one possible way out, we pushed forward all the way down. The hike down started in the raining darkness and after a long while when the sun started shining through the tree canopies, we were merely half way out. By the time we stepped on the last bit of trail, it was near 8 am already. We had spent almost 12 hours for this epic adventure of forest, fire , rain, nature , heights, lots of rocks and most above all, epicness.

On the way back we got stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam and in our attempt to stay awake we had resorted to new things to kill time. We actually played 21-Blackjack while in the front seats. The currency started at RM 1, then to RM 2 , RM 5 and somewhere along, we measured our bettings in terms of Leng Chee Kang, Chendol and durian where 1 LCK is 2 ringgit, 1 Chendol is 1.2 ringgit and so on.

During then we also made two new friend pets, named Bibi and Baba both of which are mosquito's. It's like the scene from Saw 3 where Jigsaw tells Amanda 'Its a test to keep someone alive' where in this case it's the mosquito's life we were trying to spare. They both ended flat on the window screen a short while after their official acknowledgement. Under desperate situations guys can turn to gay stuff like this.

Okay so that's it. Yeah. Next in the list.. Chilling Falls part 3 this coming Sunday.

Pictures to be included asap.

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