Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Little Update (on nothing, really)

I've got the official invites to Maxis Broadband- Nuffnang party happening next weekend in KL. Many hotshots will be there so it's surely gonna be a bomb. Been to a similar event in Singapore's DXO last year, but even so I doubt I'll know what to watch out for this time around. Go Nuffnang, go Nuffnang.

I also was at CapSquare near KL tower this evening in conjunction with Earth Hour in Malaysia. The event being the first of it's kind actually turned out quite well with great positive responce. Pictures to be posted here soon, perhaps the next entry. I can only see this event gaining momentum with each passing year, yeah.

Okay. Tomorrow going to MidValley for some tech geeky stuff with Ivan and a few others. It's gonna be gay, real gay. Over and out.

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