Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Walked Over THAT Bomb 2 years Ago..

Was reading the New Paper today about yesterday's WW2 bomb discovery thing, and upon closer inspection of their site photo I've made a shocking discovery.

The exact spot where the bomb was found turned out to be a place I've personally walked over a couple of months ago before the development of the land.

Back then was about a week before school reopens, and we took the chance to hang out with year ones staying in the hostel. It was the first time I saw and met with Keat, my now girlfriend. Under the faint moonlight the 7 of us took our time and slowly walked together over the unused piece of land.

At one point we were crossing a mud pool and I was literally catapulting the mud from the back upwards with my lanky legs, and them landing on Rahul's head. Imagine that, lol. He momentary thought it was raining too, LOL. Yeah, raining mud.

Anyway, thing is almost exactly 2 years ago I was walking over the bomb. The bloody active bomb. Would you believe it.

If it was to be, it had already. It didn't (blow). Two years later it's 64 years of silence finally came to an end.

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