Monday, March 23, 2009

Read This, People

I feel like speaking out my mind. Here goes.

Hello Geoshua. How's it coming along in Singapore, your work? Slacking like shit while waiting for something to happen? You're been saying your blog is hitting zero traffic since forever yet you're addressing the reader of your blog like it's a freaking big crowd. Ironic, isn't it. lol.

Hello Jenny. Great meeting you in person, like finally. I've got to admit, I used to stereotyped UTAR students staying in my neighbourhood and clearly differentiate myself from them. I guess I've changed, since knowing you.

Hello Keat. Miao. Miao miao miao. Meh. Cat. Can I eat your tail and pull your hair or something? I'm soo gonna carry this cat around like how I carried my Comot cat last time on my shoulders. Meh! See you on Tuesday, hopefully!

Hello Beatrice. I've noticed you don't reply my SMSes, though I'm perfectly fine with it. I can't help but recall you labelling yourself as ' If you're passive then I'm 2 times more passive than you'. Remember? Haha

Hello I-Vy. Somehow I still wonder what are you up to in my absence in Singapore. What are you doing sis, what are you doing. How things coming along everyday? I've been close to you lately but evenstill, I feel there's something lacking from our communication. Erm, you tell me.

Sufian. Suf. Boss. Apa sai the you up to lately too in Singapore? I hope you are getting your own income already man. Holidays are always a struggle when the cash stops flowing in. Update me man.

Ruzainie. Hey boss. Tomorrow we go hiking I tell you. Time to conquere the bloody mountain and KL at night. I'm planning to bring some Kerozine to be lighted in alluminium cans on the peak of the hill man. Just watch me man, you're seriously gonna love it. Just like how we do stuff like this back then in our Scouting days. So, COME TOMORROW TAU BRUDDER!

Hey Sharonny. Faster meet up leh. You're like staying just down the road yet you are so busy with your stuff. I want to see you weih. Come, go mamak and talk some shit or rant something, I'll be glad to hear. I need my dose of Sharon-nonsense restock! Oh, and Texas came back already, after going MIA for 5 days! Lol!

CLARENCE. Hey. Whats up, claR.

Hey Lina. How are you my friend. You are, to me personally, an thought associated with class. You know, class as in a classy friend. I hope your recovery is coming along well. And I'm missing our schooling days when I get to see you everyday doing your Lina thing. It just brightens up my day seeing you. Haha

Hey Charmaine. Miss punani minded. Ha ha ha. Your style IS freaking a close resemblence of something of someone close I've seen in life before, though in reality I never got to know you in person well. It's a feeling of something being so close yet so far, you know. And you remain more a mystery to me still.

Hey Shanmin. I know I know by now you really want to kill me already. I'm like always online yet I'm always giving you lame excuses for not being able to chat with you. Em, but it's true you see. I know I know too, Liverpool won and are flying high right now, and I guess so are you. I'll get back to you when the opportunity comes by again okay. Till then, hang on.

Hello Samantha'FrosteChic'. When I think of you the first thing which comes across my mind is that number 32 thing about me. And likewise, when I see a number 32 every here and there, I'm reminded of you too. Today alone, I could have seen 10 different versions of a 3-2. Omg. You are my sole believer!

Yunli. Ha ha ha. I'm laughing at you. lol. don't ask me why coz frankly, I don't know too

Chea Hwey. You're like a venture. I'm refering to the bird, however that's spelled. The 1 which flies high above and ALWAYS appear when the time is right. A phantom venture bird. Because even when my blog is nothing happening, you're appear and leave your mark here. Something like that. I know you're reading this. Hah. Sorry, I'm just voicing out my mind. Say what you want to say.

Kian Bung. You are nuts. How's Aussie life going along?

To Be continued..


cheahwey said...

You make my lurking sound so majestic... hahaha..

Anyway, Curtin's the uni I'm in and Kian Bung so happens to be in my Internet Studies class. In fact, we're having a lecture in an hour. Talk about coincidence.

Anonymous said...



PreCiOuS LiTtLE mOmEnTS said...


well.. we just dun get to see each other often and chat?? hahah

we seriously gotto sit down and chat soon... hahah

take care bro!!!