Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clementi WW2 Bomb Detonation across the road...

A relic was found. A World War 2 survivor across my house.

Read this.

. . .

Around 5.30 pm I was with Keat at her place in Singapore Polytechnic Hostel located just across the road adjacent to the site mentioned above. Out of total sudden, a loud bang was heard and the vibration was felt, such that even the window panes was trembling.

Keat screamed in a moment of spontaneous reaction while I quickly took off to the roof to check out the surrounding. I was dead certain it was from the construction site as mention above without second thoughts, and I seriously thought it was either a mega machine had toppled over OR a machinery had exploded. Checked, but nothing.

Later yesterday night Clarence my lovely neighbour classmate living at Ave 2 told me the whole scenario. Turned out I was next to a World War 2 bomb. From the news article too, the bomb had exploded presumably at almost full force when it went off while being defused.

So there's that.

More bombs to be uncovered, maybe? Welcome to Clementi


Geoshua said...

chey.. pussy bomb

Jordan said...

hahaha watever geo