Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy, Socially

Hi people. I'm referring to myself FYI if you decline to be greeted. Heck.

I think in life ( or at lease a life for born introverts like me), they are something like a frequency chart of social activeness vs time. On normal days it would be somewhere in the middle and creating a horizontal line. But in real life they are more like waves, ups and downs in cycles. Sometimes I'm okay, sometimes I'm socially active and other time socially dull.

Okay maybe such theories do actually exist and I'm not aware of, but heck again, just listen to me.


You see, lately I've been like so occupied with social activities that it's draining the conform out of me. As I type this, it's 1 am Saturday night Sunday Morning. I'm not( really) complaining but I just feel it's getting hectic.

Today I woke up at 3pm and by evening I was attending a farewell party for myself by my German classmates. Went all the way to Bukit Timah( not like it's far anyway) to the lecturer house and yeah, slacked there. With the likes of Sufian and Sufian, it's not gonna be boring.

Yesterday. Had gone scouting for food at the west coast side and spend the whole evening again travelling and walking around finding for something I don't know of. SMSed yunli to tell her that West Coast mall is actually quite a nice place and yeah, she agreed. What's the significance of that again? I don't know.

Yesterday's yesterday? It's been a long while already and I've seriously forgotten but I am sure I had something on that day too. See, see, my memory capacity also not enough to store much memories about social happenings. Wth right.Okay. I remembered. I went out with Melvin's class to east coast park to fish. But the freaking jetty was closed so it's shit all the way.

And tomorrow, I'll be going to Johore. Can quite expect a day's trip with the right people without a purpose. It will be fun.

Okay. I just had to type something so this is it. Bye. Signing out, the lovely and gay Jordan.


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