Thursday, March 19, 2009

'I'm a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband'

ADV: Nuffnang / Maxis (Malaysia)


Dear Nuffnang

You were the platform which I started blogging from 6 months ago. Back then things were really simple and sweet, and I was always happy go lucky about this whole thing.

That's until I travelled back to Singapore to continue my studies. I was lost. Lost all alone in the darkness corner of the blogosphere. Lost of being not knowing what to do, having based in Malaysia but am in Singapore. Many efforts later I've changed my host and am under Nuffnang Singapore. Nuffnang Malaysia is nothing more than a big piece of history and a nice chunk of dusted memory.

I never thought I would be back here doing this under that circumstances, but how I was dead wrong.

Come April 4th 2009, Nuffnang MY will be having an event in collaboration with Maxis, called Nuffnang Music Bash. I've always been a fan of such musical social gathering, an still am. They are going to do something big together with Maxis, and I'll be there first hand to experience it. To regular Nuffnangers, you do know by now if's there's anything big, it is this. This is it.

I'm thankful to here in PJ right now with this event around. Oh yeah. Let's do it now. Come people, let's together make it a wonder to remember.

And Nuffnang, bring on the music

Love you always, NUFFFFFFF NUFFF!

Das Connection


Let it burn. Saturday night, Fever

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