Monday, March 30, 2009

Casulties of Bukit Tabur

A short one.

Two doctors who had been missing while hiking at Bukit Tabur, bodies was finally found. Reports suggested they had slipped at the slope/edge and took a massive 200ft fall down. They had been missing for quite awhile and was finally discovered a few days back.

See here for the full reported news on FRENDS blog.

I just realised, exactly one week ago this night as I was there hiking with the other three overnight, we could well be meters away from two lost bodies. Omg.

Original blog entry about my trip up there is here, and Ivan's here.

I Got Locked Outside( And Broke In)

I reached at my doorstep after our movie. Ivan dropped me home while the time is 2.30am.

I knew in advance I didn't had my key with me, but as always no worry because there's always a plan B. He dropped me at my front gate and they waited for me to go into my house safely, but upon checking at the designated back up key location to find NO KEY, I delay dally around to avoid causing suspicions.

They reluctantly left as I acted as if everything is OK.. or so they think, or so I made them think.

...2.486 seconds later I kinda regretted doing so.
But no, life is about looking forward not back hence logic now worry later.

Once upon a time a week or so back my father told me something about the secret location of a spare front grill key, and I think I know where's here referring to.

Well today I realised it's eiher: a. He conned me; b. MAYBE I've overlooked his advice.
I deny the possibility of B so lala..

Okay. So what, no key? No big deal. So what, no back up key? No big deal.
I decided to implement my expert training years ago in the art of Lockpicking™. I've picked it up back then in secondary school and it has helped me well ever since. Flack back of Ivan experimenting it in class and Geoshua showing off his so called talent comes to mind. While, still figuring out how to tackle this problem.

Found a metal wire from an old antic light deco next to the door and immediately modified it. Part 1 of 2 down. Next, the trigger pin. Checked the car's driver pocket for it. My hand phone light will come in handy about.... now. WAIT.
Mana my hand phone? Shit. no. no. don't. no. alamak. shit. SHIT. I left my hand phone in Ivan's car. It's so not me but things like this happens.
I can't call into the house now. Great.

Nevermindd. Life goes on. I shall settle it later. I need to go home. I need to go in the house.

I need to use the phones in the house to contact my phone before Ivan reaches home and goes to bed leaving my phone in the back seat calling for a crime. I need to get in.

I need to pick the bloody lock, and now.

I modified the second piece and soon it's operation underway as I started raking the makansm of the lock.
This is tooo easy. I've done this a thousand times.
While doing so, I'm very wary to keep a low profile to avoid catching helpful attention from the public. You know, I am with a sincere intention but stuck in a not so sincere appearance situation.
If they police on patrol sees this I'm a goner. They're gonna bring me to the lockup and ask questions later, and it's seriously not funny..
Texas in the meanwhile, continues his slumber oblivious to my epic adventure.
. . .

A twitch here and a twitch there later, the lock finally gave in. Finally.

Rushed in to use the fixed house phone line to call my number.. only to realised it's still in silence mode post cinema period.
Shit. Nevermind. I shall try to call Ivan's phone. That would be a better idea. Then.. aiya, I don't have his number anywhere else other than in my phone. Shit. Nevermind, try to called my phone, try...
Only to realised again, my mother has partially cut the house phone's coverage: not able to connect to ANY outstation numbers and ANY MOBILE number.
Shit. Nevermind. So how now?
Took my bothers handphone and called my phone. Low chance but something nevertheless. Was searching through my father's phone running on my Singapore number but the phonebook there is absolutely clean. Shit. Continue dialing as I thought of checking through the smses in hopes of finding an sms from him. Was digging through when finally Ivan picked up.

And his first reply?

Ivan: Eh, siapa ni( Eh who's this?)

I said: Oi you owe me my phone

He continued: Eh , sala nombor la, salah nombor ( eh, wrong number la, wrong number)



So that brings my epic adventure home, into the house that is, to an epic end. Lovely.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour @ CapSquare, KL

What : Earth Hour, Malaysia
Where : Caps Square, Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur
When : March 28, 8.30- 9.30 pm
Who : Us
tags: Earth Hour, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 28 March 2009, pictures, KL Tower, lights off

Hey everyone.

1. Pictures taken are completely original. Those who wants to take them, it's fine with me but please credit my blog for the effort I took to get these pictures. Thanks.

2. Sadly though, many more pictures of the marvelous KL with KL tower and Petronas Tower 'lights off' were ruined because of the lack of light. Lol.

3. Lastly, the event being the first of it's kind was a great success with I estimate over 1000 people attending it. It's a positive start and let's keep it going for years to come.

4. Photo taken thanks to Keat, camera thanks to SP :D

p/s: Bloggers from Singapore, how was it like there? Hahaha what is Singapore without her lights I wonder

. . .

Evening shot of the center stage

The Earth Hour tree

Marching band kickstarting the event

And the countdown begins! Awh, it's too dark now.

That's the stage, without the lights

'60' from cup candles

Note the background: Petronas Twin Tower is switching back on her lights at 9.30pm

This is Petronas Twin Tower switching her lights off.. well it's too dark to see though.

KL Tower, or whats left of it.

Keat's friend, erm.. haha!


The Hakka Dance by our local performers

And they're on fire

spinning round and round

That's the KL tower again, with only it's blinking censor light switched on to prevent a plane from crashing into it by accident.

Finally, it's back too


Playing with the lights at night

Lights lights lights, the candle cupcakes

Distributed free to the public prior to darkness falls

Lastly, the heroes. Hero + 3 fried taufu LOL

A Little Update (on nothing, really)

I've got the official invites to Maxis Broadband- Nuffnang party happening next weekend in KL. Many hotshots will be there so it's surely gonna be a bomb. Been to a similar event in Singapore's DXO last year, but even so I doubt I'll know what to watch out for this time around. Go Nuffnang, go Nuffnang.

I also was at CapSquare near KL tower this evening in conjunction with Earth Hour in Malaysia. The event being the first of it's kind actually turned out quite well with great positive responce. Pictures to be posted here soon, perhaps the next entry. I can only see this event gaining momentum with each passing year, yeah.

Okay. Tomorrow going to MidValley for some tech geeky stuff with Ivan and a few others. It's gonna be gay, real gay. Over and out.

Friday, March 27, 2009

ADV: Nuffnang & Maxis Broadband

The Most Creative Blog Post Contest

Here it is.

Alright. I shall now pray hard hard this wins me something.

Thanks Keat for helping me out on this. Meh

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Socializing is not my thing.

Socializing is not my natural thing. I can do it at will but when I'm not I am as sealed up as a hermit crab. To me there is a distinct difference between communicating with friends and family, and interacting with contacts and near strangers.

I talk to people their existence I adknowledge and approve of one way, whereas I talk to others in a different manner. Superficially, it's more polite and generally accepted to be kind. I have to, for positive initial impression's sake.

But to those closer to me like father brother mother sister as family, Ivan William Jenny as friends, Keat as GF, Ruzainie and Sufian as brothers, Ivy and Beatrice as sisters and of course Texas as pet, there's a clear difference in the way I speak, my frequency of speech, my content and so. That is what I know as communicating- the act of interacting between two individuals without any barrier, any risk and stakes and any coefficient factor whatsoever.

Socializing to me with the general public is an on-off thing. When I feel like doing it- befriending a person I'm interested in or networking- I can. Other times like now I'm felling sick of meeting new people and entertaining other people highly, and I'll just cut off incoming social connections. Not those instant mandatory type like while ordering a friend rice as a shop, but connections like a friend's friend becoming a friend. Things like that.

Times like now I'm more into spending quality time with quality people ( like Hiking up Bukit Tabur) hence less interested in socializing. If you happen to be know me now, frankly it's a poor time to do so.

I was looking at Facebook and felt disgusted when I see girls posting pictures of their Girlfriend group, friend messaging me about some blog related stuff la. All this disgust me because this is what I call socializing. Well it's just not my thing.

Sorry if I sound like a brat or anything equivalent. It's just me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mountain Climbing at Bukit Tabur

I went hiking with Ivan and co. at Bukit Tabur . For a wonderful sight of KL and her surrounding, it surprisingly took only 3 hours of our time from start to finish. We left the place by 12pm.

Tiring as it was, it's very fun and worthwhile indeed too.

That was last Saturday by the way.
Hiking in the morning up and over a hill with people of all ages and races. Way too casual. Seriously, if I was anything near contented with that, I wouldn't be Jordan.

. . .

Yesterday, equipped with Ivan again and SSG, we went up the same hill for a part two. Besides the obvious difference that yesterday was a Monday, the another thing we decided to attempt is to do a night hiking and mountain climbing.

Crazy as it sounds, we had managed to planned it, execute it and most importantly, live to share it. Live to share it. Yes. This ain't the supersafe routine expedition. This is our ownself organized with no insurance , no backing, no authority, no permission, no notice whatsoever shit. On top of the fact that Bukit Tabur itself is a hill almost 400m high with steep slops on both sides of the peak range. A slip easily equals a life defining fall into the unknown. To attempt such a thing is just insane, really.

Ivan picked me up from my house around 5pm. The initial plan was to start hiking at 5 and end at 8. Even so, by then hiking down would be a serious problem least to say. But with people like me and crude plans like this, it functions more like a scope of action rather than a guideline of the future. After loading up all the things and go to his house to meet the other two and have dinner etc, we eventually reached Bukit Tabur at 8pm.

Plans. Lovely. Hadn't I told you.

By then the place is dark and humanless contrary to what I've seen days earlier on a Saturday morning. Driving all the way in to the end, we parked our car and took out our gears. Screw them and whatever in their bags. Between me and Ivan, we've pre-synchronized our stuff. This includes- Kerosene, matchboxes, isotonic drinks, ropes, hammocks, water, gloves, haversack, swiss army knife, DSLR camera,hand phones and a bottle of Chivas of which the last item didn't went up for some reasons. Almost our ideal necessary inventory for an epic adventure.

Mind you, of the four of us we consist of 3 guys and a girl. Between us three regular guys are a total of 9 times conquering the hill. And as of the girl.. well she have potential in rock climbing and endurance activity. Haha.

Already being in a semi stable group mentality for even attempting to do a mad night rock climb, it is no wonder we actually managed to take off in the dense bushes upwards with almost no lights. Up up up we went. The trip consist of three major parts, the hiking up, the rock climbing in between the rocky peak range and the hiking down.

The first part was uneventful and exhausting as we were happily carrying our supply of epic adventure garbage( 90% of which is redundant in normal un-epic adventure). Unlike hiking in the morning with the crowd which barely took half and hour, this thing itself took us about 1 hour. I guess it's something to do with human nature of being extra cautious in the dark perhaps.

Then on, we were literally doing rock climbing on peaks with no safety measures plus half the people with no lighting too( as some people claim to be able to climb better in the dark).

After progressing to almost 50% of the trail, we finally open shop on one of the peaks. I wish not elaborate on this as .. well it's illegal and not right. Hm.

We did lit a bonfire which lasted almost 6 hours with whatever limited resources found in-situ and with the city of Kuala Lumpur to our front, the fires all around us, a ring of lights from above ( which is Genting Highlands in the dark) behind of us and stars all above our head, it is an experience beyond words can describe. While somebody was dying in her house due to global warming hotness, I was there braving enjoying the fresh breeze.

Finally caught some sleep at 2am and woke up at 4am to continue moving.

We were hiking through the steep rock edges with all our stuff and barely made it through when at 6.30 am the nature contributed to make our trip even the more epic. In the middle of a hilltop forest on a steep slope downwards, the rain started pouring heavily. Having no where seek shelter nor nothing to cover ourself, we just hiked down hundreds of meter long trail down under the rain. It was just like in those Lord of the Ring's forest raining night shots, only it's real and was to stay.

With all our stuff soaked and faced with only one possible way out, we pushed forward all the way down. The hike down started in the raining darkness and after a long while when the sun started shining through the tree canopies, we were merely half way out. By the time we stepped on the last bit of trail, it was near 8 am already. We had spent almost 12 hours for this epic adventure of forest, fire , rain, nature , heights, lots of rocks and most above all, epicness.

On the way back we got stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam and in our attempt to stay awake we had resorted to new things to kill time. We actually played 21-Blackjack while in the front seats. The currency started at RM 1, then to RM 2 , RM 5 and somewhere along, we measured our bettings in terms of Leng Chee Kang, Chendol and durian where 1 LCK is 2 ringgit, 1 Chendol is 1.2 ringgit and so on.

During then we also made two new friend pets, named Bibi and Baba both of which are mosquito's. It's like the scene from Saw 3 where Jigsaw tells Amanda 'Its a test to keep someone alive' where in this case it's the mosquito's life we were trying to spare. They both ended flat on the window screen a short while after their official acknowledgement. Under desperate situations guys can turn to gay stuff like this.

Okay so that's it. Yeah. Next in the list.. Chilling Falls part 3 this coming Sunday.

Pictures to be included asap.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Read This, People

I feel like speaking out my mind. Here goes.

Hello Geoshua. How's it coming along in Singapore, your work? Slacking like shit while waiting for something to happen? You're been saying your blog is hitting zero traffic since forever yet you're addressing the reader of your blog like it's a freaking big crowd. Ironic, isn't it. lol.

Hello Jenny. Great meeting you in person, like finally. I've got to admit, I used to stereotyped UTAR students staying in my neighbourhood and clearly differentiate myself from them. I guess I've changed, since knowing you.

Hello Keat. Miao. Miao miao miao. Meh. Cat. Can I eat your tail and pull your hair or something? I'm soo gonna carry this cat around like how I carried my Comot cat last time on my shoulders. Meh! See you on Tuesday, hopefully!

Hello Beatrice. I've noticed you don't reply my SMSes, though I'm perfectly fine with it. I can't help but recall you labelling yourself as ' If you're passive then I'm 2 times more passive than you'. Remember? Haha

Hello I-Vy. Somehow I still wonder what are you up to in my absence in Singapore. What are you doing sis, what are you doing. How things coming along everyday? I've been close to you lately but evenstill, I feel there's something lacking from our communication. Erm, you tell me.

Sufian. Suf. Boss. Apa sai the you up to lately too in Singapore? I hope you are getting your own income already man. Holidays are always a struggle when the cash stops flowing in. Update me man.

Ruzainie. Hey boss. Tomorrow we go hiking I tell you. Time to conquere the bloody mountain and KL at night. I'm planning to bring some Kerozine to be lighted in alluminium cans on the peak of the hill man. Just watch me man, you're seriously gonna love it. Just like how we do stuff like this back then in our Scouting days. So, COME TOMORROW TAU BRUDDER!

Hey Sharonny. Faster meet up leh. You're like staying just down the road yet you are so busy with your stuff. I want to see you weih. Come, go mamak and talk some shit or rant something, I'll be glad to hear. I need my dose of Sharon-nonsense restock! Oh, and Texas came back already, after going MIA for 5 days! Lol!

CLARENCE. Hey. Whats up, claR.

Hey Lina. How are you my friend. You are, to me personally, an thought associated with class. You know, class as in a classy friend. I hope your recovery is coming along well. And I'm missing our schooling days when I get to see you everyday doing your Lina thing. It just brightens up my day seeing you. Haha

Hey Charmaine. Miss punani minded. Ha ha ha. Your style IS freaking a close resemblence of something of someone close I've seen in life before, though in reality I never got to know you in person well. It's a feeling of something being so close yet so far, you know. And you remain more a mystery to me still.

Hey Shanmin. I know I know by now you really want to kill me already. I'm like always online yet I'm always giving you lame excuses for not being able to chat with you. Em, but it's true you see. I know I know too, Liverpool won and are flying high right now, and I guess so are you. I'll get back to you when the opportunity comes by again okay. Till then, hang on.

Hello Samantha'FrosteChic'. When I think of you the first thing which comes across my mind is that number 32 thing about me. And likewise, when I see a number 32 every here and there, I'm reminded of you too. Today alone, I could have seen 10 different versions of a 3-2. Omg. You are my sole believer!

Yunli. Ha ha ha. I'm laughing at you. lol. don't ask me why coz frankly, I don't know too

Chea Hwey. You're like a venture. I'm refering to the bird, however that's spelled. The 1 which flies high above and ALWAYS appear when the time is right. A phantom venture bird. Because even when my blog is nothing happening, you're appear and leave your mark here. Something like that. I know you're reading this. Hah. Sorry, I'm just voicing out my mind. Say what you want to say.

Kian Bung. You are nuts. How's Aussie life going along?

To Be continued..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Once Upon a Time @ Kranji Reservoir

How many times already this season have I been associated with something fishing-related?

Alot. And here's another one. The one with days of planning, the day raining morning till evening and .. well just a few days KO with cold after that. And no fishes. Agh.

Aged and slippery the jetty
With lots of water , wind

and beyond the enclosure, the sea.

Yes. My fishing rod for show one.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

'I'm a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband'

ADV: Nuffnang / Maxis (Malaysia)


Dear Nuffnang

You were the platform which I started blogging from 6 months ago. Back then things were really simple and sweet, and I was always happy go lucky about this whole thing.

That's until I travelled back to Singapore to continue my studies. I was lost. Lost all alone in the darkness corner of the blogosphere. Lost of being not knowing what to do, having based in Malaysia but am in Singapore. Many efforts later I've changed my host and am under Nuffnang Singapore. Nuffnang Malaysia is nothing more than a big piece of history and a nice chunk of dusted memory.

I never thought I would be back here doing this under that circumstances, but how I was dead wrong.

Come April 4th 2009, Nuffnang MY will be having an event in collaboration with Maxis, called Nuffnang Music Bash. I've always been a fan of such musical social gathering, an still am. They are going to do something big together with Maxis, and I'll be there first hand to experience it. To regular Nuffnangers, you do know by now if's there's anything big, it is this. This is it.

I'm thankful to here in PJ right now with this event around. Oh yeah. Let's do it now. Come people, let's together make it a wonder to remember.

And Nuffnang, bring on the music

Love you always, NUFFFFFFF NUFFF!

Das Connection


Let it burn. Saturday night, Fever

Where Am I?

-Eh why your blog so no updates one? Update leh-

I'm busy. That's why my blog is empty. Das Connection is dead.

That's the theory anyway.

A combination of no regular daily routine and sleeping hours, dreadful internet speed and a sudden change of environment is most likely the cause of the lack of updates.

To get myself to start blogging is a hard thing on it's own, because I don't have my regular time online like I did in Singapore, nor a empty mind which usually sparks something out of nothing. I'm just plain occupied.

One one hand I've the very regular Ivan + Alan kaki which comes by my house every other day.

And then there's the William dude who even better, just comes enter and watch TV like his own father house.

Next, there's Sharon living just down the road. Might call me anytime anyday so I'm always on standby mode for this sweetie.

And Waicheen, MIA of late but to reappear soon.

And Jenny, my new and mysterious long time neighbour which I've just found out about recently.

And Ruzainie, my long time brother too. Said we are going hiking this Monday.

Not to mention my own brother, who needs to be taught a lesson in soccer and my dog. He needs attention and a walk.

Sometimes I notice life is very boring and uneventful that even a small outing could make an entire blog entry about, but this is not times like that. If I seriously document every event out at the end of the day, I'll die. Just drop dead and die.

Over and out.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I wrote a little carton crap here. Might want to read it, but it's abit long though.

What is carton crap anyway?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charity Work


what are u doing?

(F)Jordan (D)


(F)Jordan (D)
enjoying the internet


time to help me

(F)Jordan (D)

( o.oo1 second later..)


9. What is the reason, Omar al-Bashir told supporters, that he is being called to face war crimes charges?

find the answer to this

(F)Jordan (D)
im waiting for someone to show up online

its on the net somewhere

while wating

can do this for me

Jordan (D)

( some longer time later..)

Jordan (D)

[ I sent him the link of the article I think is his answer, too long and boring I didn't bother reading it either.. instead of a direct answer he was hoping ]


i also got a few links

but can't seem to find the answer

(F)Jordan (D)

i readed

(F)Jordan (D)
read harder

(F)Jordan (D

very hard d

(F)Jordan (D)

. . .

This whole scenario reminds me of that once upon a time ago, when I also do this. I needed solid answers to detailed questions, and relying completely on, I always wish some kind soul would have the answers to my questions all nice and clearly written out. But so far, I doubt such blessing is real. Oh yeah.

Besides, I can't help but feel/notice chatting with my gay partner is unlike other normal MSN conversation. This has colours, personality, taste , all in the humour. I guess this is called.. chemistry.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ivan And Jordan Talks about Fishing and Hiking, and Godzilla

Jordan (D) sends:

Image stolen from jeslynn sorryyyy lloll

* Transfer of "b8r44E.tmp.jpg" is complete.
*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
that is not your dog

(F)Jordan (D) says:
ofcourse not

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
how was fishing?

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
yesterday 4 am still havent sleep damn kanchoeng

(F)Jordan (D) says:
today woke up at 10

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
supposed to meet up at 2 so ..

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
hack care, went on with the plan, meet the other 2 and drove there

(F)Jordan (D) says:
reach there

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
in the end we fishing under the rain for almost 4 hours

(F)Jordan (D) says:
all soaked up like shit, damp and wet, raining windy and cold

(F)Jordan (D) says:
and no bites

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
u guys

(F)Jordan (D) says:
that's how it was. keat pulled out last minute, melvin hesitated. Honestly speaking, not many normal souls that I know of can make it through attemps like that. You're fortunately one of the rare breed of die hard people

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
were demoted by a few mere drops of water?

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
last night

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
i awoke a few times

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
each time

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
there was a different senario of what today will be like

-TODAY- also stolen from here

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
what i will say

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
which is good and bad really

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
good that i still get excited over somethings

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
bad that i lost sleep

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
this mornign woke up

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
sky gray color

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
threated to rain

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
i drove with ssg and william there


*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
and at the mamak where i was having my braekfast

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
i ask them

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
so i tink its going to rain

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
u want to continue

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
they say yes

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
u think drops? its rain. light brizzle whole day. can die sial if over exposed to this

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
thats the way la

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
always yes

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
ok now u know

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
what this mean

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
However, that was also when the wind pick up a whiny tiny bit and the sky got a tiny whiny slightly more shady. Suddenly my brave team members turned into wussies and decided they would chicken out and turn back while trembling with fear from getting wet.( from His blog here)


(F)Jordan (D) says:
Sharon is on the phone, shes like crying big time

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
now u know what REAL GUYS are all about

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
emotionally break down

(F)Jordan (D) says:
they are around when girls are down

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
oh ya

(F)Jordan (D) says:
i like the YES attitude

(F)Jordan (D) says:
BOLEH style
(F)Jordan (D) says: eh going to rain leh want to continue?

(F)Jordan (D) says: yes.

(F)Jordan (D) says: eh, i think starting to rain d leh continue?

(F)Jordan (D) says: yes.

(F)Jordan (D) says: eh raining heavily d leh continue?

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
eh, got godzilla in the forest should we try to seduce it?

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
that is what life is all bout

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
when u say no

(F)Jordan (D) says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
u close doors in your life

(F)Jordan (D) says:
godzilla seduce you

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
with his mouth

(F)Jordan (D) says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
give u a kiss

(F)Jordan (D) says:
up your ass

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
and thats the last we'll ever hear from u

(F)Jordan (D) says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
from my backside new godzilla are born

(F)Jordan (D) says:

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:

(F)Jordan (D) says:
sounds wrong

*Ivanl~Veltra* says:
u think fun ah?

(F)Jordan (D) says:

The Number 32

Two years ago when my classmates were mass printing a soccer jersey, they asked me what number I wanted to be personalized as mine. I choose the number Thirty - Two, because that's the number of my then football idol, Theo Walcott. He plays for Arsenal and was wearing the number 32 then.

Two years down the road much has changed since then. For a start, Walcott himself had changed the number and 32 is no longer that special. Though the number is still obviously permanently printed behind my white jersey, it bears no special meaning anymore..

..until lately.


Lately I've be @#%^%*$^(@$(^(^$(@@$(^(@$^(@$^(@$^(@$(^$(!!!!!! seeing the number ThirtyTwo every where. As in, EVERYWHERE. You know, it's those rare feeling everynow and then, when you look at the back of your vision and you see a familiar word or logo or sign. Mine is a number. The familiar double side by side number. 3.2.

It's started since 2 months ago and back then I laugh it off as a mere coincidental occurrence. But now, I see it every where. Maybe I'm paranoid or something, but seriously.

Examples( from real past occurrence)

Facebook- 32 friends currently online.
Video- 1 minute and 32 seconds
Song- 4 minutes and 32 seconds.
Road- Car with number plate 4732
Road- Sign board- 32 km
Fairprice- Wine all cost something-something dot 95,45 or whatever cents but particular wine cost 32.00
FIFA computer game- Scored on the 32 minute
DotA- kills: 32
Phone number- xxx32xxxx watever three two.
Facebook: Success, application invites sent to 32 friends
Facebook: ..posted this 32 seconds ago

and so on so forth. I am not making up any of this, seriously. I see the number basically everywhere that where you can imagine, it is possible it is there too.

I don't know is this a good thing or a bad thing, an auspicious or ..not auspicious sign, but I do know I'm freaking seeing it everywhere.

And personally, I don't see the point in seeing so many times of the same double number combination Three Two.

Crazy, really. Someone save me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Joke la

I'm having a dull day..

..until Sharonny sent this to me-

Somehow I envy the guy lol.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Walked Over THAT Bomb 2 years Ago..

Was reading the New Paper today about yesterday's WW2 bomb discovery thing, and upon closer inspection of their site photo I've made a shocking discovery.

The exact spot where the bomb was found turned out to be a place I've personally walked over a couple of months ago before the development of the land.

Back then was about a week before school reopens, and we took the chance to hang out with year ones staying in the hostel. It was the first time I saw and met with Keat, my now girlfriend. Under the faint moonlight the 7 of us took our time and slowly walked together over the unused piece of land.

At one point we were crossing a mud pool and I was literally catapulting the mud from the back upwards with my lanky legs, and them landing on Rahul's head. Imagine that, lol. He momentary thought it was raining too, LOL. Yeah, raining mud.

Anyway, thing is almost exactly 2 years ago I was walking over the bomb. The bloody active bomb. Would you believe it.

If it was to be, it had already. It didn't (blow). Two years later it's 64 years of silence finally came to an end.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clementi WW2 Bomb Detonation across the road...

A relic was found. A World War 2 survivor across my house.

Read this.

. . .

Around 5.30 pm I was with Keat at her place in Singapore Polytechnic Hostel located just across the road adjacent to the site mentioned above. Out of total sudden, a loud bang was heard and the vibration was felt, such that even the window panes was trembling.

Keat screamed in a moment of spontaneous reaction while I quickly took off to the roof to check out the surrounding. I was dead certain it was from the construction site as mention above without second thoughts, and I seriously thought it was either a mega machine had toppled over OR a machinery had exploded. Checked, but nothing.

Later yesterday night Clarence my lovely neighbour classmate living at Ave 2 told me the whole scenario. Turned out I was next to a World War 2 bomb. From the news article too, the bomb had exploded presumably at almost full force when it went off while being defused.

So there's that.

More bombs to be uncovered, maybe? Welcome to Clementi

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dance to the Music

See this.

It rippled through my armour like knife through butter, seriously.

If there's any media that I know of coming closest to my inner feeling, it has to be this.

The move are swift accurate and organized, the visual is black in darkness and green a combination I favour, the audio is my personal all time favorite Jem - 24.
Change of plan. Nobody's going nowhere anymore.

Maybe during years to come, but for now it's off.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Play w/ Passion

Many of you do know, soccer is my sport. I burninG love it because it's the most comfortable sport I can play, and besides have passion for too. There's one thing though which always runs through my mind e-v-e-r-y time I do it.

Before playing, my mind will be so excited and worked up and I'll be imagining things of wonderful magnitude and how I'm going soooo do it soon.

Then when it comes to playing it, somehow it's always been so consistent that the execution of the plan is shyt. You know, shite. Same thing.

In my mind I see myself coordinating myself and my foot to project the ball to 99% target accuracy, but in reality it usually goes anywhere other than the intended target.

And the best part is, due to the huge range of possible actions in the sport, even a miscue executed plan may turn out to be the perfect execution of another plan. Which I guess is why most footballers are like always doing the right thing according to them on the TV.

As for me, it's gay boring and quite disappointing. I'll go back swearing and telling myself football sucks and its shit and vowing never to play it again coz' it's so stupid..

Only to play football again after a week or so. Now that's what I call passion; the mysterious reason behind the never ending thrill for action.


Ice is Getting Smaller and Smaller

I'm so confused right now. Confused because I have so many things to think and be concern about, but none of any do I have a full plan or give a damn for either. This is so gay.


I might be coming back to Malaysia for a week or two to find some peace and sense of belonging. Meet up with some people back there, yeah. And a dog too.

Gotta go for a purpose-unknown class chalet at the other freaking end of Singapore, I hope the journey doesn't kill me. Bye. Get well soon too, Keat. Meh

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy, Socially

Hi people. I'm referring to myself FYI if you decline to be greeted. Heck.

I think in life ( or at lease a life for born introverts like me), they are something like a frequency chart of social activeness vs time. On normal days it would be somewhere in the middle and creating a horizontal line. But in real life they are more like waves, ups and downs in cycles. Sometimes I'm okay, sometimes I'm socially active and other time socially dull.

Okay maybe such theories do actually exist and I'm not aware of, but heck again, just listen to me.


You see, lately I've been like so occupied with social activities that it's draining the conform out of me. As I type this, it's 1 am Saturday night Sunday Morning. I'm not( really) complaining but I just feel it's getting hectic.

Today I woke up at 3pm and by evening I was attending a farewell party for myself by my German classmates. Went all the way to Bukit Timah( not like it's far anyway) to the lecturer house and yeah, slacked there. With the likes of Sufian and Sufian, it's not gonna be boring.

Yesterday. Had gone scouting for food at the west coast side and spend the whole evening again travelling and walking around finding for something I don't know of. SMSed yunli to tell her that West Coast mall is actually quite a nice place and yeah, she agreed. What's the significance of that again? I don't know.

Yesterday's yesterday? It's been a long while already and I've seriously forgotten but I am sure I had something on that day too. See, see, my memory capacity also not enough to store much memories about social happenings. Wth right.Okay. I remembered. I went out with Melvin's class to east coast park to fish. But the freaking jetty was closed so it's shit all the way.

And tomorrow, I'll be going to Johore. Can quite expect a day's trip with the right people without a purpose. It will be fun.

Okay. I just had to type something so this is it. Bye. Signing out, the lovely and gay Jordan.