Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Someone ( Else) is Flowing on a Different Frequency

I get that sense of being out of place, when I'm trying to get to know someone better but only to know that someone is just of a different type. From a different league, of a different standard, running on a frequency different from mine. And no matter what I seem to try, our differences is always very apparent. It's just sad.

When I think of myself and those of my social circle, those who truly fit in it are people with less of the normal stuff but makes up with more of other rare stuff. I don't know what else do we have in common, but we just clique. There's that Ivan, I-vy, Keat among others.

But when I try to reach out for the other person, it's like being in a foreign place not known to me. That's where the problem is.

I wonder, we are merely humans but with different interest and style over the years, we are becoming more and more different from one another. Given more time, where will this land us?

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