Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The ULTIMATE Randomness Theory

I think I've figured it out , and finally (kinda) have an I dea how to put it out in words.

Haaaah, / breathes in/

aahhh / breathes out/

Okay. This is my first of many theories. Everyone talk and thinks. But there's a different timing in between the thinking part to the talking part, the time it requires to transfer the point from mind to mouth. Normal people thinks then around X time later, they talk.

However as for me, I think and think and when I finally talk, my current thought is actually a few thoughts ahead, and perhaps astray too. That's why, when I talk of X, it's very common for me to suddenly fly to Q. See-> X to Q. Like no connection right?

Ahahahaha. Okay. This is a bullshit post. I just felt like trying to express my thought. Bullshit post should be banned for the sanity and bettergood of mankind. Oh yeah.

Oh, The ULTIMATE Randomness Theory, NOT! xD

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