Monday, February 23, 2009

Science Because I Hate Maths

About exactly one year ago as part of my course, I had to choose an elective to study for my year 3 between Engineering Maths and Microbiological Science. I took Science without any second thoughts and never looked back.

Environment-al micro-Biology

Engineering MAD-the-matics

The reasons are simple:

1. I hate Maths. Maths is so abstract that I'm always struggling to maintain my concentration. It's like shooting a spirit with an imaginary gun.

Spirit. Now, shoot!

2. I prefer words to numbers. Science has lots and lots of words but almost no numbers.

3. I don't mind writing reports prior to the exam, rather than study for a heavy weightage paper. Say, maybe 50% in one paper. Insane, really.

4. I rather take something easy and redundant than hard but useful at this stage, I really really need the GPA. I vowed to myself to stick to that after my year 2 near self destruction.

5. And lastly, I still really hate and despise maths. It's like looking into thin clouds and believing there's a kingdom there, as the teacher says. You think?

. . .

Geoshua is having a headache about.. now.

Anyway, fast forward one year and the difference between these two choices became very apparent.

Clouds and Grass : the Abstract and the Not. Maths and Science.

One one hand, the Maths students are struggling their ass out( geoshua) to fit knowledge into their head for this upcoming paper, the fourth as I've heard. Gay, really.

Jon 'kaixin' Chia also having headache now.

Then on the other hand, the science people like me had gone through a very eventful semester. Among the things we did includes doing a mini project on providing water to a small community, doing a simple presentation for that, taking two term test papers which I seriously swear, is 5.239 times easier than the teacher told us, going for a field trip to that bloody Yakult factory, erm and doing the easiest lab report ever in 3 years here. Yup, eventful.

Waterfall. Fishes sanctuary, fishers sanctuary. My sanctuary.

So when Geoshua is forced to study maths with Jonny(can you believe it?), he felt least obligated to share his notes (and worries) with me as we have been studying together for the past one year.

Have a look, it is so unreal till it looks estatically more interesting.
Masterclass of the math whiz (or so I think)

Somehow I feel for them. If only they all knew this beforehand, we would all be clubbing right now.

Update: Oh, the actual media and design student Keat says :

Good luck and all the best you girls for Wed's paper. Go and make your limpei proud.

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