Monday, February 2, 2009

Post Blog is White Era: The Story Continues

You know, to actually believe that when I said the blog is temporary closed and think that I actually mean it is true, is too bad for you.

I think this fickle minded decision making-ness is quite due to my moodswings. No, not the period one a month moodswing, but rather the male, more general version- the seasonal on and off of my interest.

I kinda got this theory from my Cheen friend of mine. Her blog used to change colour every few days according to her mood, I think.

ANYWAY. Glad the responces I'm receiving from a total colour makeover is positive. I mean, yeah it's a good thing. Tada.

Another thing. I've got this opinion about something which I'm guessing okay makes half sense to you. Lately I'm missing my friends from all walks of life around me.

Ivan and darling Waicheen. Yunli. Geoshua. Jonny. Violet , Catherine + BF's. Valerie Tan. Karmen. William. Marie Teo. LinaMeera. Felicia. Ivy. Ruzainie. Sharonny. Vanessa. Jeslynn Ang. Beatrice Tan.

Those are the super close people around me.P/s: I don't know what some of you people think about me, but do know you all make my day even when it's not gray. Everyday.

I'll (want to) meet you :
Ivan, William- In Malaysia ground.
Yunli- In your pandan pond.
Valerie- In your Mac.
Ruzainie, Beatrice and Cheen- In our Malaysia town too.
Geo, Jon, Violet, LinaMeera- In our class.
Ivy, Vanessa- When where we will meet again.
Sharonny- IN OUR HOUSE.
Karmen- In your dreams.
Fel- In the past:)

I wonder if I will ever be able to spend valuable time with these people on a regular soon. I just miss them. Some for their distinctiveness, for our similar weirdness, for our brotherhood and sisterhood, others for our plain common stupidity. Oh yeah. I love them all. I love you all.

Quoted from Wei Liang
appreciation is the greatest thing on earth!

P/s: Thanks GEO for the great day. And Jon. And Violet and Phan. And Geo's mum. Aha

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