Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've Got A Song( Stucked In My Head)

I woke up in the morning today with a mysterious sickness. A mysterious line and a half was stuck in my head and despite the tune being so familiar, I don't have even a slightest clue who or what or where did it come from. It goes like this:

Lalalah la la la lala lah,
Lalalah la la la lala lah,
La la la laH , La la la laH

Okay. Quite.

So after having gone through a whole day of misery caused by a mysterious source, I've finally got the breakthrough when I (with the least of hopes) tried to explain this whole thing to the Cat. Fortunate as I am, she so happen to know the song for some reason.

She found the song on youtube and shaded some light to finally end my misery. OHHHMMMYYYGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Just like that. It's Closer by Ne-Yo.


Edit: Somehow my ducking internet ducking suck lately so terribly till I can't even load the bloody page. To be continued.

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