Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Cut least expected.

I was eating my lovely Pistachios and ended up with a cut on my finger. Was using a random butter knife to force em open, but just as I thought it wouldn't dare happen, a forceful attempt totally missed it's intended purpose , instead ripped through the nut skin and round my finger.

Just seconds before it happened, I was thinking " What if the knife actually missed it and slashed my finger? Is it even a possibility? I doubt so, I dare you. Come" and half a second later, " eh, it'd happened. Can it really be..real? "

Squeezed my finger and redness appeared. For it to happen, to actually happen, is already a miracle, so much so that I wasn't stunned or frieghtened, but thrilled instead. Kinda reminds me of the victims of Saw the movie. With their body parts toyed around and their blood flowing freely, mine's just nothing.

I ended up pressing them out and flicking them onto the kitchen cabinet's wall. Disgusting yes, but thrilling and fun, more. When was the last time I seriously bleed ? I don't recall.

I think there's something wrong with me, even more wrong lately. Can't help but to think it has something to do with my recent Saw addiction.