Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bombing At Bugis?

Update: Okay everyone. Official news confirmed it is a hoax. Bloody 19 year oldie nothing better to do, now he really is doomed. Some much too for the . . . ahahhaa, bomb.

I had received a tip off from someone via sms, that sometime real soon there might be a bombing at Bugis, Singapore. I seriously don't know how credible this really is, but incase of any future happenings, don't say I didn't warn you.

The SMS said something about the police is expecting some terrorist activity at Bugis and increase police activity has been noticed at that area. It also mentioned, if it's anything, it will be in the next 24 hours.

Sounds more like a hoax but for the fun of it, let's just take it seriously and give it the benifit of the doubt. Wait and see.

P/s: The sms reads-
Kindly spread the news to your friends . If possible, do not go Bugis these few days. Terrorist may plan bomb around that area. This message was forwarded from my friends army friend who said they already on 24 standby. Not sure how true but a friend was at Bugis today and there were really really many policeman.



LOL, i wouldn't be a good thing if Singapore kana bomb, because subsequenly, we will kana bomb a lot of time, especially in schools where security is incrediblely slack.

If such things is a hoax, it may just be something for a purpose for a greater conspiracy in the coming future?

Jordan said...

hahaha, solid la you. Very open an opinion. I'm sure you have lots and lots of greater opinion. Do watch what you say though, haha. yeah. you know.