Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Junction in Life: BYE TO SP

p/s; Das Connection may be my blogging spot for random nonsense, but occasionally it's also the place I materialize my opinion on serious matter, with hopes it might influence others for the better. One here, today.

In life there are always crossroads and occasionally, the inevitable junctions. Junctions where you and only you will have to decide which you want to choose, knowing its a path with no turning back, junctions which decides you life.

I and my fellow batch from my institution is facing this decision now. We have finished our 3 year's syllabus and exams, and it's just a matter of time before everyone takes this unavoidable question seriously- Where do I go from here?

The bigger case here is not much on the future for most, but rather the abrupt change, the rapid evolution of one's surrounding which most will find hard to accept. Changes like having enroll into a new more advance institution, having not meet your close ones on a routine anymore, having to face a new environment and perhaps too, having to face the unknown straight in the face- the future.

Personally I have experienced this once before, a change so huge in a short matter of time when I got accepted into Singapore poly , only to rush down immediately in a day's notice. Back then, it really hit me hard because never, ever, had I expect to be stripped of my life just like that, but as humans do, I soon adapted and eventually blended in. That was 3 years ago.

Now I am faced with the junction in life of great magnitude and somehow I find it strange that I do not feel what the others are feeling. My classmates are already feeling the heat and writing funny 3 Years Gone Like Yesterday messages, but I just don't feel that way. I don't know why, but there's gotta be a reason for this.

And I'm guessing the reason has to be because of my previous experience, the experience had made me a more experienced person and facing this scenario again breaks less sweat then before. Possibly.

Well, that's just my opinion. I don't know what am I saying. Oh well. Sorry, I just had to write that. Rubbish posting will resume soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Science Because I Hate Maths

About exactly one year ago as part of my course, I had to choose an elective to study for my year 3 between Engineering Maths and Microbiological Science. I took Science without any second thoughts and never looked back.

Environment-al micro-Biology

Engineering MAD-the-matics

The reasons are simple:

1. I hate Maths. Maths is so abstract that I'm always struggling to maintain my concentration. It's like shooting a spirit with an imaginary gun.

Spirit. Now, shoot!

2. I prefer words to numbers. Science has lots and lots of words but almost no numbers.

3. I don't mind writing reports prior to the exam, rather than study for a heavy weightage paper. Say, maybe 50% in one paper. Insane, really.

4. I rather take something easy and redundant than hard but useful at this stage, I really really need the GPA. I vowed to myself to stick to that after my year 2 near self destruction.

5. And lastly, I still really hate and despise maths. It's like looking into thin clouds and believing there's a kingdom there, as the teacher says. You think?

. . .

Geoshua is having a headache about.. now.

Anyway, fast forward one year and the difference between these two choices became very apparent.

Clouds and Grass : the Abstract and the Not. Maths and Science.

One one hand, the Maths students are struggling their ass out( geoshua) to fit knowledge into their head for this upcoming paper, the fourth as I've heard. Gay, really.

Jon 'kaixin' Chia also having headache now.

Then on the other hand, the science people like me had gone through a very eventful semester. Among the things we did includes doing a mini project on providing water to a small community, doing a simple presentation for that, taking two term test papers which I seriously swear, is 5.239 times easier than the teacher told us, going for a field trip to that bloody Yakult factory, erm and doing the easiest lab report ever in 3 years here. Yup, eventful.

Waterfall. Fishes sanctuary, fishers sanctuary. My sanctuary.

So when Geoshua is forced to study maths with Jonny(can you believe it?), he felt least obligated to share his notes (and worries) with me as we have been studying together for the past one year.

Have a look, it is so unreal till it looks estatically more interesting.
Masterclass of the math whiz (or so I think)

Somehow I feel for them. If only they all knew this beforehand, we would all be clubbing right now.

Update: Oh, the actual media and design student Keat says :

Good luck and all the best you girls for Wed's paper. Go and make your limpei proud.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chase Cars.

There is this void in me, being helpless and incomplete. It is like abstract sorrow and gray days inside, and I get this feeling when I hear Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars of late. The song is one with a sweet meaning through a sorrow tone, hearing it makes me happy but sad.

Sometimes I can't help but think I am really going to miss the closer people around me, most notably I-Vy and Yunli after we graduate from poly and head on our own ways. Especially Ivy.

Sorrowed sweetness. Sweeten sorrow. Haha.

Oh, they both of all people because .. they were chasing cars with me that other day. Yeah, chasing cars.

Bombing At Bugis?

Update: Okay everyone. Official news confirmed it is a hoax. Bloody 19 year oldie nothing better to do, now he really is doomed. Some much too for the . . . ahahhaa, bomb.

I had received a tip off from someone via sms, that sometime real soon there might be a bombing at Bugis, Singapore. I seriously don't know how credible this really is, but incase of any future happenings, don't say I didn't warn you.

The SMS said something about the police is expecting some terrorist activity at Bugis and increase police activity has been noticed at that area. It also mentioned, if it's anything, it will be in the next 24 hours.

Sounds more like a hoax but for the fun of it, let's just take it seriously and give it the benifit of the doubt. Wait and see.

P/s: The sms reads-
Kindly spread the news to your friends . If possible, do not go Bugis these few days. Terrorist may plan bomb around that area. This message was forwarded from my friends army friend who said they already on 24 standby. Not sure how true but a friend was at Bugis today and there were really really many policeman.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Condolence to (the Late) Jordan Tan

If you haven't heard it yet, there's this guy by the name of Jordan Tan too( not referring to my self by any means) who had lost his life to a medical illness. He is a student from the neighbouring poly and also a friend of friends of mine.

He lost his life due to ' low blood platelet count' and despite not knowing him, I too was left in a state of shock upon hearing the news. The fact that we had much in common from what little I've heard, simply touched me like most of us would, and it shows again how fragile and short life can be.

A few days have passed but I am still shell shocked by it, really.

My deepest condolence to you, a friend I never knew.

A Facebook group in Memories of the Late Jordan Tan

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jordan plus two C-C girls equals tonnes of bullocks

C for Chea Hwey
C for Cathy Chew

It was never expected to turn out this way then, but it is now. A simple reply to someone's facebook status turned out to be the beginning of a long, long story.

[ You seriously wouldn't want to know how three people can talk alien stuff till it's page scrolls long. But if you insist.. ]

She knows she's hot. When they fart alot.

Lovely girls, always.

Facebook Freak. No. Freak in Facebook, yeah.

You know, everytime I engage into a conversation with a person new to me, there's that slight but real chance which I'm very aware of , of it totally screwing up for whatever reasons. As it turns out to be, I am proven correct about this today.

I was at Facebook when some I-really-don't-know-who stranger started instant messaging me. All he talks about is Bayern Munich, the German football club.

mean Huy
are u fan
of bayern Munchen?

it just little fucking doing
just a little fuckin doing?
kidding mannnn!!
are you a
bayern fan?

kidding mannnnnnn!!

[ one.minute.later. after being ignored]

do u like tennis??
nah, dont
follow it
only into soccer
lol wtf man
what teams
do u like
arsenal fc
Jordan (tulan liao)
eh, remind me
again, how do we know each other?
but i

but i

but i
really like bm

stop spamming


To Be Continued..

As you can see, there's something absolutely wrong with his communication skills. Or is it interpersonal communication skills? Whichever it is, there's something just wrong about it and with this, the inavitable soon happened.


i dont
know !
hey !! JORDAN?

/he continues to taunt me but by then it makes no sense. Imagine a heavy curser lacking basic grammatical skills, that's about there.

The end.

Next time, never accept facebook invitation from absolute strangers, I warn. Expecially those who absolutely in love with Bayern Munich whatsoever.

I've finally used the Remove from Friends option @ Facebook. Classic.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time for Change, Once again.

The blog is getting really boring AND I'm changing my style right again. More interesting stuff to come, I want. More pictures and proper post, more Innit. Yeah.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Someone ( Else) is Flowing on a Different Frequency

I get that sense of being out of place, when I'm trying to get to know someone better but only to know that someone is just of a different type. From a different league, of a different standard, running on a frequency different from mine. And no matter what I seem to try, our differences is always very apparent. It's just sad.

When I think of myself and those of my social circle, those who truly fit in it are people with less of the normal stuff but makes up with more of other rare stuff. I don't know what else do we have in common, but we just clique. There's that Ivan, I-vy, Keat among others.

But when I try to reach out for the other person, it's like being in a foreign place not known to me. That's where the problem is.

I wonder, we are merely humans but with different interest and style over the years, we are becoming more and more different from one another. Given more time, where will this land us?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Cut least expected.

I was eating my lovely Pistachios and ended up with a cut on my finger. Was using a random butter knife to force em open, but just as I thought it wouldn't dare happen, a forceful attempt totally missed it's intended purpose , instead ripped through the nut skin and round my finger.

Just seconds before it happened, I was thinking " What if the knife actually missed it and slashed my finger? Is it even a possibility? I doubt so, I dare you. Come" and half a second later, " eh, it'd happened. Can it really be..real? "

Squeezed my finger and redness appeared. For it to happen, to actually happen, is already a miracle, so much so that I wasn't stunned or frieghtened, but thrilled instead. Kinda reminds me of the victims of Saw the movie. With their body parts toyed around and their blood flowing freely, mine's just nothing.

I ended up pressing them out and flicking them onto the kitchen cabinet's wall. Disgusting yes, but thrilling and fun, more. When was the last time I seriously bleed ? I don't recall.

I think there's something wrong with me, even more wrong lately. Can't help but to think it has something to do with my recent Saw addiction.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Never Trust Liverpool, balls.

On the way back to the hostel yesterday, I've stopped by at the campus stadium and had a round of soccer with those Austria dudes. They were playing with a ball.

A FREAKING LIVERPOOLIAN BALL. So hard and printed with freaking Liverp00 FC logo all around it.

Since football comes first, I had to do with the only ball available so that's that. Somewhere during then, I've gotten a knock on my right foot, one of the toes there. It hurts. I'm walking like a freaking limper today, argh. I trusted the ball. I freaking trusted the ball.

Liverpool. Yuck. Don't do it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The internet I've made to rely on lately, sucks. More importantly, at a time like this when I'll be graduating soon and need the best of internetconnectivityness to be at my side.

It's something too, to not be able to access my email yet able to blog. Yeah.

The ULTIMATE Randomness Theory

I think I've figured it out , and finally (kinda) have an I dea how to put it out in words.

Haaaah, / breathes in/

aahhh / breathes out/

Okay. This is my first of many theories. Everyone talk and thinks. But there's a different timing in between the thinking part to the talking part, the time it requires to transfer the point from mind to mouth. Normal people thinks then around X time later, they talk.

However as for me, I think and think and when I finally talk, my current thought is actually a few thoughts ahead, and perhaps astray too. That's why, when I talk of X, it's very common for me to suddenly fly to Q. See-> X to Q. Like no connection right?

Ahahahaha. Okay. This is a bullshit post. I just felt like trying to express my thought. Bullshit post should be banned for the sanity and bettergood of mankind. Oh yeah.

Oh, The ULTIMATE Randomness Theory, NOT! xD

Dangerous( I've Seen Her Type Before)

Das Connection is turning from a public entertaining blog to a less public more Jordan type of blog. More Jordan= more random stuff appearing at random intervals with little to NO CONNECTION at all( eh, the blog is called Das Connection for a reason , remember?)

Anyway I'm up so late tonight to keep watch over the England's Premier League deadline transfer saga. That's soccer in English. Okay, maybe not England's english.. perhaps Manglish and Singlish. Yah. It transfer window has closed at 1.10 am Singapore Jordan Handphone's time. I seriously hope that Russion owl comes to the Emirates.

Okay. Enough of the soccer language.

I don't know bout you, but I do notice I use lots of Okay+ continue my shit. Don't I?


I've got a field trip to the Yakult factory tomorrow morning at 9am while the bloody Geoshua and Jonny and Clarence and Co. all have a math test. HAHAHA. Brilliant, simply superb. I love ya all. While they are struggling to shuve the shit knowledge into their heads tonight and perform tomorrow, I'll be with my lovely gals Violet and Meera @ some faraway Yakult factory. Just lovely.

All the best you asses, all the best.


I've Got A Song( Stucked In My Head)

I woke up in the morning today with a mysterious sickness. A mysterious line and a half was stuck in my head and despite the tune being so familiar, I don't have even a slightest clue who or what or where did it come from. It goes like this:

Lalalah la la la lala lah,
Lalalah la la la lala lah,
La la la laH , La la la laH

Okay. Quite.

So after having gone through a whole day of misery caused by a mysterious source, I've finally got the breakthrough when I (with the least of hopes) tried to explain this whole thing to the Cat. Fortunate as I am, she so happen to know the song for some reason.

She found the song on youtube and shaded some light to finally end my misery. OHHHMMMYYYGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Just like that. It's Closer by Ne-Yo.


Edit: Somehow my ducking internet ducking suck lately so terribly till I can't even load the bloody page. To be continued.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Post Blog is White Era: The Story Continues

You know, to actually believe that when I said the blog is temporary closed and think that I actually mean it is true, is too bad for you.

I think this fickle minded decision making-ness is quite due to my moodswings. No, not the period one a month moodswing, but rather the male, more general version- the seasonal on and off of my interest.

I kinda got this theory from my Cheen friend of mine. Her blog used to change colour every few days according to her mood, I think.

ANYWAY. Glad the responces I'm receiving from a total colour makeover is positive. I mean, yeah it's a good thing. Tada.

Another thing. I've got this opinion about something which I'm guessing okay makes half sense to you. Lately I'm missing my friends from all walks of life around me.

Ivan and darling Waicheen. Yunli. Geoshua. Jonny. Violet , Catherine + BF's. Valerie Tan. Karmen. William. Marie Teo. LinaMeera. Felicia. Ivy. Ruzainie. Sharonny. Vanessa. Jeslynn Ang. Beatrice Tan.

Those are the super close people around me.P/s: I don't know what some of you people think about me, but do know you all make my day even when it's not gray. Everyday.

I'll (want to) meet you :
Ivan, William- In Malaysia ground.
Yunli- In your pandan pond.
Valerie- In your Mac.
Ruzainie, Beatrice and Cheen- In our Malaysia town too.
Geo, Jon, Violet, LinaMeera- In our class.
Ivy, Vanessa- When where we will meet again.
Sharonny- IN OUR HOUSE.
Karmen- In your dreams.
Fel- In the past:)

I wonder if I will ever be able to spend valuable time with these people on a regular soon. I just miss them. Some for their distinctiveness, for our similar weirdness, for our brotherhood and sisterhood, others for our plain common stupidity. Oh yeah. I love them all. I love you all.

Quoted from Wei Liang
appreciation is the greatest thing on earth!

P/s: Thanks GEO for the great day. And Jon. And Violet and Phan. And Geo's mum. Aha