Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough.

Things is hard getting harder for me lately. My school work is demanding alot of time and effort, plus the most recent major screw up is going to cost me atlease another whole day to rectify.

Edit: With the extra 10% on top of the already max 100%, I've finally wrapped it up. Good, finally a well deserve sleep tonight. Tomorrow morning's lesson at 8 cancelled, better still. Bagus. Simply superb. Meh.

It got me thinking more often now, when the going get's though, how will I respond to it?

. . .

What could happen?

Possibility 1: I'll go about being rude and selfish and being all fucked up around to those around me.
Verdict: Fairly unlikely. I doubt I'll lose myself till that stage.

Possibility 2 : Go around killing people with knife or something?
Verdict : Okay, maybe not till that, but I might become more aggressive and easier provoked of late too. But still, mentally unstable with a unrestricted body= possible trouble.

Possibility 3 : Become a hermit crab gaining solace inside my shell and cut off from my senses to the outer world?
Verdict : Possible yet not. With a blog like this, that will never happen. At lease not when I'm at Das Connection.

Possibility 4 : Lose interest in everything around me and start behaving differently?
Verdict : Used to be a likely outcome, not anymore. I can quite write this one off.

Possibility 5 : Go around rampaging and trashing everything within reach?
Verdict : Maybe in Malaysia but not in Singapore. I'll think twice about it. Maybe trice.

Possibility 6 : Go clubbing every night for the rest of my life?
Verdict : WTF?

Possibility 7 : Go Pulau Ubin and stay here?
Verdict : It depends on the fish. The fish does the talking, always.

Possibility 8 : Emo til' die?
Verdict : I've got loved ones around me, this is highly unlikely to happen.

Possibility 9 : I'll start laughing uncontrollably over nothing and end up in SMI?
Verdict : I hope not. Maybe I'll be visiting you there at most, yeah.

Possibility 10 : I'll continue editing this post till I reach infinity number of possibilities and finally get over it?
Verdict : No reason for a not.

Possibility 11 : Go sleep, forget about today, have a brighter tomorrow. And it's back to the drawing board as always?
Verdict : [LAST ONE] I think it's a yeah.

. . .

Oh ho. So now I know. I seriously though I could come up with a list of up to 20 plus distinct possibilities, but.. oh well.


P/s to self: time to cut the crap

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