Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weirdness Me

Somewhere at one corner of my mind, there is this ever present List of Current Problems. It contains a few of my current worries/issues bothering me listed according to it's priority in my current state.

Oh, the list contains problems of all kind anybody could ever imagine, but the problems revolves around me always. Most of the time, they get cleared when I've finally fixed myself, rarely otherwise.

Anyway,the latest problem is my temporary inability to match the right words to express my thoughts and feelings, and also writing them out in a proper way for others to understand.

/ Pause.

I'm really struggling to even complete the previous paragraph.

/ Resume.

Regular readers of this blog would notice that lately, the post are becoming stranger and stranger and abstract. Well, I like it so this is what we'll read.

. . .

I'm weird, seriously. And I'm finally showing my true self to the online community. I know a number of my regular readers are also weird to quite the same extend, only on a different discipline of weirdness, if you get what I mean. /wink HPL, wink weiling, wink Ivan, wink Alan, wink KB, winks willy wonka.


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