Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Short Note

To Adrian aka 24-Wishes of Innit

You've been promoting your Innit post to me via MSN without any introduction whatsoever.

You know that's not an ethical thing to do expecially to stranger -I've no idea who you are-.

You're might get away with most people, but sometime it's bound to happen when you cross path with direct speaking people like me.

Besides, they are many other reluctant MSN Innit nang-er of the same boat, so cut the shit out for the sake of a better Innit.



Edit: Problem cleared. I guess things were already boiling of late and (unfortunately) I had to take it out on you. My bad too. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Shaaadddup la u. damn low life la you

Jordan said...

Chickenshit talk with your pride on your face don't hide in the shadows and talk like a man.

cheahwey said...

Is this the kind of shit people are doing now?! So fucking sad.

Cathy said...

finally i agree and support fully on that....people who doesnt know us...doesnt even talk to u..msn,innit or what-so-ever, they just come to us and spam spam spam...with ONLY their innit links..SUCKS man..

guess what??I blocked him..WAKAKKAKA...

Yi Ling said...

SAME =.= just tht i'm happy that he didnt add me. XD but i'm still kena spammed by people =.= KNN. GRRR. seriously people who DONT TALK ABOUT ANY OTHER THINGS except their bloody link -.- GRRR.

カルメン said...




Adrian Lim said...

first of all, just in case u think the anonymous guy is me, it's not.

second of all, i want to clarify to u that i do not give a shit about being top in innit or watever.

i was really just sending out my posts on bloggers just for asking an opportunity for them to read it.

do check my msg, i said read if ur free.

if i'm really tat desperate, i wud've eh BALIS HELP HELP HELP.

so u know, tat's just only ur perception on what i did. and u making an entry on it, i don't think its fair cuz u noe, people only will then look at wat u say.

geez, u think wat? being on top of innit is the way to promote traffic?

pls lar, just for wat? a day? i'm not tat short-visioned lor.

i'll freaking admit tat when i first started blogging ,i'm like those low lives too.

but after awhile, i did think to myself wat the heck is all this for? i barely chat with those on my nuffnang list anymore asking them to do this.

recently, i just thought i made an interesting post and just pm u guys to read it if ur free. give my freaking post a chance.

SORRY lor if this made u so mad.

and for the rest of u, if all u bother is one side of the story, so be it.

but i always assumed tat most bloggers are more mature compared to other people.


Adrian Lim said...

oh and

ps, like i said i respect some people, in this case, you, cuz u feel annoyed receiving messages like tat.

i already said sorry, but i was just kinda startled at the way u handled the situation.

cudn't tell me nicely via msn or watefver?

oh wait let me guess! it's becuz u had the mindset already THAT I AM JUST ANOTHER DESPO ASKING FOR UR NANG.


Harmony said...

Oh, just another traffic generator right, you shld ignore them.

Jordan said...

Hahaha cathy and cheahwey, one after another. Just like those Samad + campfire days =P


Bam Bam deedam bam bam dee dam bam my mind is in disturbiaaaa

Karmen: Basket you! I was thinking of you yesterday after posting that entry while walking home. How, how, you start spamming funny message all around me again. AHAHA YOU'RE THE KARMEN I ALWAYS KNOWN! Yeah, keep it up LOL

Adrian: No hard feelings.

KianBung : (you and) I love drama.

CerealKiller said...

Aiyoyo... NANGED! hhaha

cheahwey said...

"guess what??I blocked him..WAKAKKAKA..."

Oh wow. Now he knows you blocked him.

"but i always assumed tat most bloggers are more mature compared to other people."

Which blogosphere have you been hanging out in? MOST bloggers are idiots. No offence, people.

Jordan said...

cheahwey : Agreed!

Most bloggers who takes up blogging seriously are idiots in real life. People who are missing something in real life, and found it in blogging.

It's not quite an assumption, it's based on my own observation from bloggers I've met in person. Many walks of life, many different purposes, many different standards, all blogging.

High-5, girl!