Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running on AutoPilot Mode. I think.

I got this feeling I've been running on autopilot mode since a while now. It's quite like doing routine things all the time without any thinking involved.

Like walking and eating and entertaining people with zero brain activity at all.

Like, to maintain expectations on me while being completely empty inside( the head).

A feeling of wanting to think, but only seeing alot of blank void dark spaces. It quite feels like I'm a rock too- hard on the outside, void totally inside.

It's like, being a zombie. They walk the walk but don't talk. They just walk and don't think. Yes.

Autopilot mode, right. Fly, now.


Harmony said...

Watch out for birds!

Jordan said...

aha, I guess they think more than me of late. Okay, maybe we both don't do thinking. Whatever