Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inkheart !

* This is an advertorial in collaboration with Nuffnang Singapore *

I closed my eyes and found myself there, in a faraway place of a dried up lake, with people digging holes. Funny as it seems, it's true. Closed my eyes again, and maybe thing's will change..

Dark in here.

How long has it been now?

I don't know.

Nevermind. I opened my eyes and I am still here. With nothing other to do, I joined them and together, we happily dug holes. This is lovely. This is realllly lovely.

What happened between then? Nothing, just holes being dug.

There's this girl, Kaet( she's real, seriously) who dropped out of the sky and prompted me to immortalize her online, but no. I didn't quite agree with her initially because I was so engrossed and occupied with digging hole( in my mind) that I couldn't spare a second for her, even for God's sake.

Pissed off in dissatisfaction, she went and cook some noodles , thankfully disappearing out of sight. Then came the absolute shocker- I freaking turned to my left and peeped out of my hole, and saw her digging a hole too, next to mine, next to theirs in that dried up lake somewhere in nowhere. I don't know how or why, but it just happened that way.

It appeared that I'm no longer in the storybook fantasy alone. I can't say nuts now, but I've gotta share my fame with the her. Ah. I really hope no one else joins her in becoming a fantasy spoiler, at lease not in my story.

Time for you to stop watching and start living. There's a tale waiting, and it's coming.. we go now.

Here it is now. Remember, catch Inkheart in cinemas from 22th January 2009.

* End of Advertorial *

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