Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Before You Turn Expired. Just (if only you can turn back time)

I have this one particular cousin which is quite different from most my other cousins and family and father and mother, grandmother, grandfather dog cat mouse fish shit and shit whatsoever.

She's different because despite being relatively close( both blood connection and location wise) ( and perhaps style too), we're hardly close in real life.

I'm referring to someone I'll grow up with, someone of the same generation as me. Someone from the same history and style. Someone other than my sister. Someone when our time is over and waiting to be erased, they'll be there with us too.

Old aging uncle and aunties are often seen together living the remaining of their life together, and I'm sure they wish if only they could rewind time and know each other earlier

I've just got this realization and sudden inspiration to blog about this because things like this is something we live and will die with, our family. To know of it is one thing, but to pen it down and be reminded of it years down the road, it's something sweet touching and remarkable.

I don't want to grow old with time, but that's something I've no control over. The least I can do is pick a few individual to join me in my journey of living so I know I'll never be alone, never.

Living is the slowest form of dying
Quoted, Ivan Tong of

Chinese New Year is around the corner and it's this time of the year we meet up and catch up with a year's progress in dying. Last night I had a dream something to do with her, and it's a feeling of being so close yet so far. You know.

I've totally forgot what's it about, but I know it's warm and inviting, lovely. The type of feeling associated with close friends and lost time. The type of feeling from grown old and expiring, but furfilled and contented.

Oh. Her name is Marie ' ¤ŀ MªŖΪę ŀ¤ ' Teo from NUS. If you happen to know her, tell her I said Hi.

The last related thing was when I went and meet up with Sharon in Takashimaya, and realised Sharon's mom's close Singaporean friend is Marie's mother. Wtf. Dang.

That her, that's why. I should get to know her better before it's too late.

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