Thursday, January 15, 2009

What we are now is something we try to forget in the future

Imagine a tray and 50 coins.

Then get a few people to drop that 50 coins on the tray and the chances are high they will be a consistant and fair amount of heads and tails, but chances are extremely low anyone will strike all 50 heads or tails alone.

. . .

Similarly, I'm always half open and half closed; half true and half fake, half myself and half someone I want to be. One moment they'll add up to Personality X, the next Personality Y.

One day when I strike all 50 of them at once, then you'll my true self that I see everyday. Then, you may judge and I'll be pleased with anything you say.

But till then, don't bother concluding anything concrete from what you observe because (I believe) everything is merely temporary. Our self now is merely the journey, not the destination.

We are always changing and developing our true style that what we are now is something to forget in the future.

P/s: my inner voices makes me think of stuff like this, all the time. This is just one, you haven't seen anything yet.


BLue8118 said...

I'm still enjoy thinking of my past because they show who I am today, all the hard word and mistakes in life helped me to be stronger to face each and everyday. Jordan, jia you~

Anonymous said...

That's the half we remember.

There's the other half we choose to forget, the moment of embarrasement, the moment of being weak and inferior. the moment of nothingness.


cheahwey said...

The act of judging helps us grasp the sort of person that he or she is. It may be temporal since people do change (some don't), but its still in that point in time; the present. So, to ask someone not to judge will be difficult.

Anonymous said...

To judge ( at the end of it) , yes.

To conclude before then, no.

But anyway, this wasn't intended to be a debate on what's right and not. I was just trying to make my point about the ' when I'm finally on 50 heads, I'm my true self' opinion.

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