Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Found $200 CASH for CRYING OUT LOUD!

Yesterday something funny happened. OK, funny isn't exactly the accurate word.. it's more like funny to me and out of the ordinary for you and the rest.

Anyway sometime after class yesterday I got a tip off from Geoshua my Undercover Intelligence Crew x 1 about some $ 200( RM 450) free money available at one of the nearby computer lab he just visited.

When we hear stuff like that, immediately we thinks of 1001 different catches and strings attached, but for once yesterday's chance didn't had either. There's no policeman watching, there's no sales person manning, it's not a voucher or a official letter worth $200 nor is it a foreign counterfeit notes.

Item 14319: The Real Deal

I'm talking about, THE REAL DEAL. YES. SGD 200.00 just literally lying there crying to be brought home. No joke!

It was actually in a projector's screen , the projector on thus projecting the money on the wall, just like that.

It's in here.

..doing this to me.
[Why are you doing this to me?

..flashing this.
This can very buy you girls plus still got change, for your info. Aha.
[Why are you doing this to me!!!]

Heck, it is just a few seconds being caught on the CCTV away only, freaking 200 dollars !

My logic tells me just take, no need think 1.

But my intuition tells me this is too good to be true; there's something sinister about this which I don't know of yet and will soon if I take it!

So in the end I turn my back at the money honourably and went on with my stuff, with lots of unanswered questions in me. Ahaha.

Then today in class Geoshua asked me bout it yesterday-

Geo: Eh why you never take sia, free money.

Jordan: Aiya I don't do free money, not like this type at lease. Why you never take yourself leh?

Geo: F*ck you la. Aiya, I scared got evil spirits guarding the money then later I take home they follow me also lidat die liao

Jordan: Lol. Don't worry la, you Singaporean , Singapore ghost won't disturb you 1 la coz you local.

Geo: @$W*%$(* !!!!


And so this creates yet another mysterious stuff episode in our lives, we most probably won't ever know the truth to. Oh well, things like this makes live worth living, every bit of it:)

Cheers everyone.

P/s dear Money: Rest in Peace now, my friend.


maslight said...

Waw talking about lucky..u're damn lucky..but yeah, it's kinda creepy when u think about it XD

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. When it get's to00 easy, there's .. a problem maybe ahaha

Das Connection

Jqme0wッ said...

My guy friend and I found hundreds on the bus before, and our reactions are the same as Geo. So we walked past it and there was a lady who went forward to pick it up. That lady ever asked if we wish to share with her. Yet again, we didn't take it. Haha.

aSyRaff said...

aduhhh.... how did the money end up there....