Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gruesome Dream with Death, again.

Oh ya, I had this freaking dream yesterday night.

I was in a house. Partially constructed, partially filled with collapsed renovation rubble. It's very tight , dark and creepy. Single story, but the first thing I know is the house is quite like our prison and we are trapped inside. Me, is in the ceiling and struggling to move. After a while I moved, escaped to a room and meet up with 3 other guys who's experience the same shit. We all concluded that we are ill fated to be the lucky few hamsters being played by some maniac.

We tried very hard and finally found another group of 4 girls , also trapped in the rubble of this house. We talked and clarify things, and then there was 2 bangla/indonesian construction workers constructing the house. It was at night as we saw the sky finally. They somehow felt like prison wardens and when one of the girls tried to walk out, she got bashed with a shovel by one of them.

I though this was a good opportunity to run the other way and escape, but when I executed my plan, the other guy literally flew behind me and chop me down. I didn't feel any pain or anything, but I know that's where my life is gonna end. I guess it did.

I think, this has alot to do with watching SAW during CNY day 1.



Haha, dreamt of death signifies rebirth and renewal! Good for you!

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