Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY- How bout' a round of applause?

Hey everyone. I've been away from blogging ( and computer and internet infact) for the past 4 days and it sucks, really. I was at Johore celebrating CNY with my maternal family. Me being me, I'm not gonna do some boring coverage of event by event details or whatever shit. No. You can bet on that, always.

Being away from this addictive internet for days gave me ample time to enjoy the present and think about life and other matters. Let's see..

Hm. Here are my post CNY thoughts about how my past 4 days were spent and so.

Unlike last time when CNY usually ( and only) means $upport, this time around I've valued this opportunity as an opportunity to reunite with my family. Since I've left my house in Malayia to furthur my studies in Singapore 3 years ago, my immidiate family has hardly been together already. So during this time, atlease we get to see each other all at once and behave like a family again.

I get to do fun things with them like argue with my sister, advice and have interlectual conversation with my sister, tease my brother, rough him up here and there, talk and listen to my mom and her voice, hear nonsense from my dad and yeah, watch their interactions between one another first hand too. It's almost one of the best thing we can ever wish, to be with our family again.

I've also been able to socialise and get updated with my immediate relatives. Yeah, this are the very people I'll be growing up with regardless of where I go, what I'll be. Just like Marie. Opps. LOL. Marie, who?

And I've also realised( as mentioned above) how little signifiance does the angpau money have on me already. Maybe it's because I'm used to Singapore Dollar and naturally look down on Malaysian Ringgit? Or maybe I've been funded too well all this while in Singapore that I've lost touch of the value in money? Or maybe I'm just too busy and occupied with other stuff that I don't really have the time and mental energy to spend living with money? Aha.

What else? I guess that's all I have to share. Tada. Brilliant. Go and die now, beef.


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