Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Dream of Brotherly Love and Death.

While taking a short nap in the evening today, I had this touching dream. My dreams are always extreme and unique( most of the time), with every one telling a tale like no other. This is no different.

P/S: Be warned, this is totally abstract coming from the mentally unstable mind of Jordan that there is no picture to provide graphical aid at conveying the story. Reader's own imagination is advised.

. . .

I was with her, Keat, in a small and narrow multi-story house. We were there desperately seeking for my brother whom I've not seen in ages. In the house there was HanPeiling( generated randomly I SWEAR) who's someone between the keeper of the house, and the medium between the living and the dead.

Me and Keat was searching the place floor by floor bottom up, then up down multiple times. Each time HanPeiling would inform us the location of my brother's spirit whenever we used the solitary staircase to move between floors. As he's long gone, we are not able to see him with our eyes but we could feel his presence with our heart.

After spending so much effort on searching for his spirit in vain, things eventually got blurry and timeless due to the repeatitive process with zero progress. Things got so blurry and numb, the time I finally grip back hold of reality , I found myself lying at the bottom floor in a pool of my own blood. I was shot and eventually I'm lying there breathing my remaining breathe as I feel my life is slowly slipping away. As this was happening, I noticed my brother slowly became visible and he was happily responding to me from afar.

Now that I've finally known, I guess this is how it feels like at the end; and how those before me has been living among us in a different world. I've been curious my whole life and it finally came, but at the expense of a future , alive. Now I know, but it's too late to change my fate. I'm wasted. But at lease I've got my brother with me.. I'll be able to rest in peace..


My dream was being with Keat in a room watching from a projector screen the movie above, with the perspective from my point of view. The movie was so accurate and correct about the way I feel, the way I think, the way I act that it actually felt like it's not a movie-it's reality. I was there by her side, weeping uncontrollably towards the ending.

. . .

That's a tale I just have to share. And it's true.

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