Tuesday, December 9, 2008

vPOST makes me v(ERY).. Hm.

Yes, yes. By now you would be wondering where/what/why the blog was SO silent in the past few days.

It's actually because I was very, very occupied lately, and also because my primary Internet+blogging source was temporarily down. I've got two entries to share, will be up soon . Just stay around and check here out regularly in the next few days. Till then, bye.

P/s: Congrats to Geoshua too, for getting the top hit @ Innit. You freakin' owe me half your revenue and traffic for my experties since bringing you into blogging 13432586585495 days ago. Yeah. Like seriously.


aSyRaff said...

hahas what sexy back? xD
yeah it sux when theres no internet! i remember when i was in chalet... cant do my freaking assignment!

Jordan said...

you do freaking assignments at freaking chalets? LOL

now thats freaking freaka! WADEVER HAHAHA

aSyRaff said...

hahas...no choice ma... deadline coming...brought my laptop then realised to internet connection... feel so handicapped...