Monday, December 1, 2008

A Whacky Random Dream

Hi. This is Jun Jun. She's a Malaysian blogger friend of mine whom I've known from Nuffnang's Innit, and that's about as much as I know of her.

For you info.

I was taking a short nap just now from 4 to 6 am to rejuvenate myself, but end up dreaming about being with Jun Jun at some distant place doing some yearly reflection of life.

I've wrote an email to her, and here are the contents 100% original ( excluding spelling correction). Everything is there, help yourself.

Subject: Who said your life is boring?
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 06:03:32 +0800


It's 5.50am now , I'm having a paper at 9 later and I just woke up from 2 hours of sleep.

In which I dreamt about you.

No dirty dreams whatsoever, but totally random dream about spending some time with you , being years old already since I've first known you and you.. you were staying next to France. You used to.

Hm. We bumped into each other somewhere on Earth at some beach, and we end up sitting together to enjoy the whole scenery and spend time reflecting on life. You were showing me a calender, pointing out all the years we've met( we haven't even met before in real life,but my dream was we have been meeting up regularly every same time of the year!) and were trying to explain to me how we are years older already, since I've first known you from Nuffnang.

Then as night approaches, you were still not done with your stories and I was closely tuned to it all. You were saying something like.. "haiya.. You know this dates ( pointing at calendar, month of January or something)( you pointed out 5 dates in that month), if you join em all together, you will find I have 1 house there. And another to the right of it. And another. If you join all three together , the line next to it is FRANCE& Croatia( Croatia next to France meh?)

You were saying too, when you were younger it was like that lo, your neighbour is France. But every year the earth moved, and them Both France and Croatia moved further and further away slowly from your house.. now it's not our neighbour already..

That is how you end up in PJ, that's what we met on the beach every year and spend time together, reflecting on our lives.

The end.

Okay, don't ask me why or how I ended up with this dream, coz I also dunno. It's totally random, I wasn't fascinating or fantasizing about you earlier or recently or what. Nothing of that sort. It's just totally random but sweet, so I wanted to share it with you.

Who said you life is boring?


Personally Jordanographied

I can't help but reason this whole thing back to my TERM TEST SYNDROME.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently in the midst of a term test fever and this has affected me in one way more than the other. I'm thinking of random stuff when asleep, I'm losing track of time when asleep, I'm studying a lot( not me, please) and now, this.

Cool, eh?

Okay, back to studying. Cheers everyone.


カルメン said...

seh. dream of pretty girl! hahahaj

Jordan said...

hahaha dream of FRIEND LA lol

PreCiOuS LiTtLE mOmEnTS said...

hahha.. totally random dream!! hahahah but sometimes, some ppl just get into ur dream.. and u dun really noe why either...

have you ever dream of something that u felt really familiar? haha just some random thought...

i had dis dream which is still in the back of my mind.. its a weird dream hahaha... and kinda fiction wkakwak

all the best bro!!! got lotz to tell u.. hahah till we meet again!! =]

Jordan said...

oh yes yes ivy!

And you now owe me another dinner too! Can add that to your list of thousands-of owe Jordan things to be done XD

Maybe, see ya in school later! said...

Hamsap means hamsap la.. LOL


Jordan said...

LOL I totally innocent hahaha you go dream what you want, nothing to do with me XD

Yi Ling said...

LOL sia. someone here very zai ah. paper at 9, blog at 6. LOL. XD nice dream you have. super random.

Jordan said...

Paper at 9, blog at 6 and now at 12.30, gonna start studying soon again for wednesday's paper.

I always get weird random dreams.. which is actually a good thing hahaha.. makes things more interesting.

JunJun-Riko said...

disappointed. why no kinky dream bout me?? XDXD and ur dream is as nutty as ur personality la.. =.=
the last time i had a weird dream, was 2 night ago. someone proposed to me then refused to marry me. T_T

Jordan said...

I decline any intention regarding my dreams, I was only interested in getting some rest and preparing for a last minute push for my papers!

You go dream about something sweet yourself leh, then share with us all:D

geoshua said...

pervert la jordan... pervert means pervert.. no excusses

Jordan said...


geoshua said...

I just can't understand how crooked your mind really is

Jordan said...

lol that's perfectly das-connection

PreCiOuS LiTtLE mOmEnTS said...

i do not owe you thousands of things... !!!! hahaha...

just lotz of updates dat's all!!! OMG!!! hahahha can't wait to tell u... hahahah

see ya around bro!! hahah

oikeat said...

SIS meh! You're like my twin , remember? LOL. sis twin = swin o.O