Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Trip to Nuffnang Office

Yesterday I went down to Nuffnang's office to collect some winnings of some contest held a few days back.

Since Geoshua resides just around the corner from there, I got him to tag alone in our very first attempt to spy their workplace and the real people behind the Nuffnang company
visit to their office I mean.

This is the first significant Nuffnang trip related sight we saw.

This was all agreed upon on Thursday but due to some miscommunication, we reach there 2 hours later than expected. To make matters worst more interesting, I've only realized I don't have their address with me once inside the train heading towards their office..

SO, solution?

I called for Backup™ and he helped me login my e-mail account from his computer all the way back in Malaysia and forwarded the email with the address over to Geoshua.

We finally met up at Ferrer Park MRT and made our way towards the main road.

Kinta Road, then turn left according to the email.

Jordan: Geo you know the directions there?
Geoshua : Aiya can I la this place very Ulu very easy 1/my uncle used to bring me here/I local of course can find one

( a few minutes later..)
Jordan: Eh Geo you sure you know how to go there ha?
Geoshua :Aiya very easy 1 la .. should be around here only 1 la DON'T WORRY I DAMN PRO

(a few minutes later later..)
Geoshua : Eh, I think Nuffnang gave us fake address. Maybe we need to call them..


Anyway, according to the email extract as below, it'd made me wonder if they were playing tricks on us or something by testing our DEVINE not-so-devine sense of architecture.

Find the nicest building (keke!) and enter our unit number #02-03 and just wait for us! :)

Upon reaching the road as specified, we realised among all the old kopitiam and makan shops there, there is only ONE good looking building.

The Building

We tried to enter it but was kept out by a metal grill, and to enter we had to key in the address code.

Vandalizing in progress

Numerous attempts all failed and eventually we realised we may be up for a long day..

..until somehow for some funny reasons we spotted a adult size German Shepperd doggie tied near one of the building there and out of plain curiosity, we went and check the dog out.

We didn't capture any picture of the dog because I was busy trying to enter the building as Geoshua was entertaining the dog.

That's Dino my dog-in-law on the left, and the German Shepard's long lost sister DeDee.

Okay, both of them are actually Ivan's dogs and may have nothing to do with anything, but Dino is still my dog-in law.

As we reached near there, the sight of a red-grey building became visible almost mysteriously.

The REAL Building

Apparently the building was there all along, but hidden from our sight or something.

We finally went in and visit them, and was greeted with the sight of this.

It reads:

Welcome to Nuffnang Office!
This is where we work, play and ... make $$$$

We know this signboard is pretty crap
but you'll have to bear with it until Raine fixes it up.

That's Raine. She'll fix the door sign next time. I'm sure Geoshua might will do that too, but it's only applicable for her.

As for that part, I highly recommend you to check out HP's blog if you're interested in seeing their office and Nuffnang crew. As for us, the journey continues.

After leaving their office a short while later, we soon found our self in a unfamiliar place, but at a familiar time.

So the next big thing? Lunch.

The Banana Leaf Something shop, South Indian Cuisine.

Everyone knows, wherever there is a Geoshua, there is a girl in sight too. But I'm sure not many know he also fancies Angmoh auntie, so unfortunately hidden behind him.

Jordan: Geo I thought you teach me that Indian are bad and you don't like Indians? Geoshua: SHUUU YOU WANT US TO DIE AH?



and after.

Freezing the moment in golden.

The bill came back at a not surprising $38.25 lol. There goes my clubbing funds. Hahaha.

That's all there is, we headed back to our poly after then.


Yi Ling said...

HAHAHHAHAHAA. geo damn noob la. ._.

Geoshua said...

KNN stop taking photos of me like some paparazzi

Simon Seow said...

You should have eat at the curry fish head opposite.

Harmony said...

hmm seems like a secluded place.

Jordan said...

A few day ago I got lost around the city area again at midnight, and while being on a ride on the right bus going the wrong way, I happen to see that road again, Kinta Road, this time from the other end of the road.

I was like WTF, I'm lost and please dont remind me of this, I dont need it now!

It was 1 am in the morning.