Friday, December 5, 2008

vPOST makes me v(ERY)… classimental- The Term Test: It's History, A Poem of Mystery

" vPOST makes me v(ERY)
Groovy, like dog pride spaghetti "
Term test is over for me, and I've somehow got the urge to write a poem. I doubt it's called a poem, maybe more like a rapping lyric or something. This is like totally random, but heck.

If it's anything, blame the term test, just blame it.

A week was gone with much pain but none in vain.

A feeling of life and loss,
once groovy the words were so cheesy
But all.
Just had to pause and to feel,
A purpose ever so real.

The future is once near,
Now it here
In my hand, in my realm,was within my grasp
All left was to perform, to believe and to do , to produce
a part in history,
For all I've wanted to be
This is glory.

The waited long is here,
The hard times is all over for now,
Till you come back to haunt me,
I'll treasure this while.

As they say,
It's never too late to appreciate,
a wake.
A dawn of gay new day

Clad in white and black,
I'm back.

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