Thursday, December 18, 2008

Serious Video Shooting: A Day with the Pros

I was invited to act in a professional video by some Diploma in Digital Media students last night so there I was the whole of today. It's quite a rare opportunity to witness first hand the making of a professional video( not to mention also feature it in), so I just couldn't turn it down.

They are too many pictures of too much happening today that I'm not gonna blog about it in my usual way. Just for today, I'm adopting a picture based blog entry.

Here it is, one picture at a time.

1. I went to pick up Keat at her hostel in the morning , and had to take evidence of my presence for the sake of blogging.

2. We then took our usual forest part to go school coz she had to print out the script for everyone.

3. Somewhere in school a short while later,I saw a nice window so I tried brushing up my camwhoring skills..though in the end Keat snapped it for me.

4. Rested in the library forawhile as Keat went and do her printing. THIS. is the small little devil contains some lighting equipment.. which weights easily more than 5kg. It is made for the kill, seriously.

5. We then made our way out to the nearest bus stop to catch a bus to Clementi bus interchange. As I saw it there and then, she's just too hot that she burned a hole through those rubbish advertisements.

6. In the bus towards heading for the shooting venue.

7. Upon arrival, I had to test the reflection ability of the lift door. lol.

8. Made our way up and finally arrived at the house. Andrew somehow finds staring at a fish-less aquarium interesting for whatever mysterious reasons. According to him he saw some Nemo or something of that sort.

9. Now this is one of the big toys I found laying around there. It appears to be a.. tripod. Plus a serious camera. Very clearly not for the lesser beings.

10. The shooting begins. Introducing..myself as Detective Pickles, one of 5 characters in the video. This outfit is so cool that it might just make an encore for this Saturday's Christmas costume party.

11. Andrew aka Detective Mustard. What a name. Have I not told you, all four detectives have funny names such as Pickles, Honey, Mustard and Detective Toiletbowl.

Okay, I've made the last 1 up, I kinda forgotten it but it's somewhere along that line anyway.

12. And this is the lovely Keat.

13. I started off the video by first killing this unsuspecting fella.. with of all things, a comb. Not quite a fancy way to die , uh?

14. Fast forward a few long shootings later, I've been somewhat caught mishandling the fella. As how I saw it, this really looks like a Ghost Buster ghost trapping gun.

15. Remember the freakin 5kg devil I carried all the way from Keat's place? This is it, fully functioning now. This devil thingy is also able to heat up stuff like there's no tomorrow, like my hands for instant.

16. More of Mr. Curry Mustard again.

17. Camwhore gone wrong due to my not-so-steady hands. Nevermind.

18. By now it's almost 1pm plus and .. .. I wish.

19. Our lunch eventually came, and after eating it, we found some free time so we decided to take some time out to saviour the moment. Yes, it is what it seems. We are meditating.

20. But not for long. You just can't trust guys nowadays. Especially those with gun x1 and hats.

21. Hostages shouldn't be smiling. I've told him that over 100 times yet he just don't get it. Oh well.

22. A freaking giant reflector with Pearle hiding behind it. Just like some oyster hiding a magical pearl or something.

Last picture. By now it was already 3 p.m. plus and we've gotten sick of doing this video shooting already. But a man has to do what he have to do, so we finished up our mess and finally wrapped up at 6pm.

Oh. Ya. Don't be surprised that we took 7 hours just to make a 2 minutes long video. Now that's what I call professionals.



Johnny Ong said...

definitely fun to have such video shootings. did video shoots for various scenes (for christmas plays) that lasted for almost 3 mths

Jordan said...

Oh yeah. This is rather like in introduction for me to video shooting. I'm majoring in something which has absolutely nothing to do with this, but hack. I've landed her due to my passion for blogging.

Yi Ling said...

LOL man. you detective =.= and the toiletbowl is crap la. XD AHAHHAHAHAHA. 7 hours for a 2 mins video. hmm. sounds damn pro. HAHA.

FrosteChic said...

haha looked well fun though. but crazy hot, i've only been back in sg for the past 4 days and i feel the heat, looking at you in a long sleeved outfit - bucket loads of sweaty armpits for me :S

Jordan said...

Sam aka Frostchic: You're right bout the hot weather here, but actually the place was quite windy or atlease, not hot sweaty. Plus we only put on the extra top layer of clothing when we were gonna act or for the camera.. lol. The hat rocks though. With the gun ofcourse.

Jordan said...

Yiling: It's trueeee laaa hahahaha. It's coz of the costume and the planning and the shooting plus the variety of locations, that's why it took so long.

And.. maybe I have something with toiletbowls too. LOL.

Hm. Eating is a necessity in life. Everybody credits the food, but little credits goes to the toiletbowl. XP

Samantha said...

jordan! the person whom i said he made me part of his statistics was a crush of mine. not my ex k? :)