Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nuffnang Singapore Christmas Party

This is will be a quick one due to serious time constrain.

Pictures from the event from my camera. The rest of you who took pictures of me/us, please send them to me thanks.Especially Josh and Valerie thanks.

I hope I got the names right, correct me if I got it wrong.

I'll also gradually include more coverage, such as the gooddie bags and my lucky voucher :P

Geoshua with his dish @ our mini pre event bloggers gathering at New York something shop.

Me and Keat

Audrey Ooi and me plus Malaysia Nuffnang Boss, Timothy. Can one seriously asks for more?

This is Cindy, she's the Malaysia's First Dream Girl season's winner. Like..seriously again.

My Nuffnang events kaki and a fellow KL-ite, Josh. Pretty darn nice guy to have in times like this.

HanPeiling and Weijie, part of my Nuffnang kaki's of Singapore. As always, HPL with her mentally unstable mind is trying to seduce Weijie or something, I don't know.

Somewhen along the way, Nuffnang had a cake cutting session to comemorate the event . The cake is called log-cake. It looks pretty much like that, plus the cake of course. Found that on my way home at Dover, thought it was quite a coincident resemblence haha.

I've caught KennySia too, initially hiding behind the mask of an old man. Apparently he couldn't breathe in there so he had to reveal himself. Hahaha.Kenny, I owned you. Welcome to Das Connection

Geoshua dressed up as a red riding rapist with Jonny. Some said he is JabbaWockeez too. Lol, whatever that is. Jonny is supposed to be themed as something starting with S. He said he is a Southener , I say he's a FREAKING STONE! STONE!

This is KY, the famous KY Eats + (Name of Food Outlet) blogger. Managed to snap a pic with him just before the event ended. It's quite an honour to be meeting all this big names isn't it?

Keat with Nath aka Blue8118. Taken outside the venue after the event.

Finally a group picture. From left to right, Guys to gals- Geo, Jordan, Jonny, Josh, OiKeat, Samantha and HanPeiling. Came as a group, left as a group.

That's all for now. Cheers.

P/s: JJR, I saw a familiar face there today and I JUST HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS. Wanted to take a picture of him lying down drunk of the sofa at one corner of the place but didn't b'coz I didn't recoginize him at first. Eventually I've figured who he was- SixthSeal lol.

P/s: Anyone of you who notice I've gotten the facts wrong, please message me or leave me a comment, and I'll edit it thanks.


Huai Bin said...

I was er...tired coz working OT last night. I'm still awake. :p

Lynn said...

I tot cindy's the winner of MDG season 1?

Jordan said...


Okay everyone, kill me. Brb.


Jordan said...


Okay everyone, kill me. Brb.


Simon Seow said...

You should have took Huai Bin's pic and pawn him lol.

sheryl0202 said...

Hi, we met last night! I was with Stephanie and Mike. Nice to meet you there!

Joanne Chan said...

We didn't have a photo last night. But anyway, congratulations for winning the prize!

Huai Bin said...

Simon: A lot of people took a photo of me passed out. Jatuh saham. Haha!

JunJun-Riko said...

lol.. like that also need to ps me.. XDXD i don need to attend the party also can appear in ur blog.. bangga.. XDXD

Jordan said...

Hahaha, omg I just came back from a day long trip to Johore. Talk about Malaysians going to Johore for the Nuffnang trip, I tell you me Malaysian go to singapore to study come back to malaysia for some serious food. Lol.

Simon: I was like.. erm this fella.. who the f is he again. Wanted to ignore but the face loooks freaking familiar. Eventually my gal stopped me coz she said I was intruding his privacy.


Sheryl: It's nice to meet you too!

JC: Oh ya, totally forgotten bout that too. Really wasted. Next time, we shall!

JJ: Lol, yeah yeah someones hawwwt.

fourfeetnine said...

haha why u call me audrey yak im not audrey yak T_______T

vvens said...

hahaha thanks for dropping by my blog! just change my link to hotmail and that's my contact! ;p

Jordan said...

OMG Audrey soryyyy sorry!

Paiseh x1000