Friday, December 12, 2008

Nuffnang Singapore Christmas Party

There's this Christmas party organized by Nuffnang Singapore ( among others) and on top of that, there is a contest which if participated, the person is very likely to be part of the party too. Most of us have received our confirmation emails by now, and it is attached with a special secret Code.

Sounds cool yeah? Well, it quite ends there. I know it's supposed to be a costume party and the code is supposed to mean something, but what? I'm also sure I'm not the only person with this thing in mind.

Someone, enlighten us to exactly what does this Code signifies?

Lastly, if you're going, how bout you make yourself be heard here so we all get to know each other before the event itself, to save the introduction hassle later on that day. Leave a comment, yah. Even if I know you, even if I don't know you, watever.


Update: For the fun of it, I'm gonna post the links of those people who are going whom have given approval to do so, for ease of reference and networking/exchange of contacts. Let me know if you want yours to be here too.

Going List:
1. Jordan of Das Connection
2. Geoshua of here
3. Forest aka Joyce of here
4. Josh of here
5. HongPeng aka Celes of Hpility
6. Ashraf Ho of thisISHmyBLOGlink
7. Nath aka Blue8118 of SingingCoconut
8. Weijie of here
9. Venesssa of Black Stilettos
10. Fauzi Rassull of here


Forest said...

Quoted from Nuffnang:

Theme of the Party
vPOST is our title sponsor for this event so how can we forget about them? Thus, the theme for this Christmas will follow the letters: V, P, O, S, T.

V: Vampires, Vintage, Vegetable, etc
P: Purple Monsters, Pregnant Woman, Princess, etc
O: Orlando Bloom, Oranges, Organic Plant, etc
S: Saucy Nurse, Sweet Puppy, Signboard, etc
T: Techgeek, Timer, Tomato, etc

Be bold, be daring and stand a chance to walk away with the “Best Dressed” blogger title along with fantastic prizes!

You will be assigned a letter in your RSVP email and all you have to do is let your creativity juice flow and come up with something amazing!

Hehe, so i think the code is basically anything u can think of as long as its starts with the code letter. XD

Hp said...

i am going to the party too! haha
cya soon! Merry Xmas!

Josh said...

me going too! ehehehe

FoodieGymmie said...

hey hihi. i will be going too... what will u be dressing as? my code is P...

Jordan said...

I've got no idea. Actually I do.

Either a long long full jacket suit like those in matrix or.


dressed up as a freakin CAT!

weijie said...

V ..
V ..
V is hard lah !

Jordan said...

V for Vendetta
V for Venessa ( the Nuffnanger,WTF?)
V for Veltra, my friends nickname.
V for Valerie, Dweam gal(WTF?)
V for Vampire
V for Vase
V for Victory
V for Vincent van Gogh(Keat says hes a famous painter?)

V for Vitagen( LOL)
V for Va Va Voom, Arsenal trademark
V for Venise( go there?)
V for Violet( my classmate)
V for Victory League( Superman plus Batman plus Flash and co)

Fauzi Rassull said...

Fauzi Rassull will be there haha


Geoshua said...

V for vagina face.. try it! wear a mask that looks like it LOL

sweet said...

Im going too! haha! Cant wait. And yes, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DRESS UP AS. I didnt get the letter I wanted. Booohooo.

Jordan said...

Okay noted.

Anonymous said...

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