Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas Hope List

Hi. It's this time of the year again and it's Christmas. I don't do this often, ever, but here it is. For this year I'm doing something different, and it is My Christmas Hope List.

You would be wondering why do I call it my Hope list. The reason is simple , because it functions very similarly to your Wish list, but the difference is I'm not wishing for them. I don't like wishing, geddit? Geddit, Geddit? Wishing is for GIRLS GEDDIT?

The light shine's upon me this Christmas

When everyone else is wishing for some worldly belonging, all I want (for this Christmas, or whenever also can la) is a moment of happiness with some certain people I care for.

Here it is, numbered but not ordered in preference.

1.Meet my family again.

Family Potrait, by Jordan the blogger not Pink the singer

It's been almost 3 months since I last saw any of my family member in the place I call home, the place I was brought up my whole life. What hurts most is knowing, every minute I spend here trying to not be reminded of them is every minute they are getting older. And older. Every minute less in their life, every minute nearer to their..

I'm not missing them no more, but I still want to see them. Any second could be our last, you know.

2. Hang out with my Malaysia's friends

This is what friends are supposed to be doing

You know who you are. Ivan, William, Sharon, Ruzainie, Wai Cheen, Blitz, Horos, AC, Temple, Praying and a handful of other guys and girls more. It's just a matter of time before we all disperse further around the globe so it's soon or maybe never.

3. See my Texas

No, not the Texas of America, but the Texas Tembian of Jordan; my DOG. Okay, anyone who happens to read this and see him , just let him know this will you.


Take care of yourself dog, I'll come and find you the next time I do.

4. Go Fishing

I want to go fishing at a dam or something in some secluded/rural area in Malaysia, with my buddies. Cough*Ivan*COUGH,it's time to come Singapore and pick me up and go fish at some hotshot cold spot, pull Waicheen along to add the girl factor to balance out our otherwise Gay equation.

Fish asking for trouble

Talking about fishing, I just sms-ed him this moments earlier-

From the Book, If a hammer is all you got, everything seems like a nail. I say, If fishing is all I think of, everything seems to be a fish. Are you a fish?

Are you?

5. My Trademark Outdoor Beach Camping Trip

It's time to go camping at some beach and have the time of our life, a proper official time out from this hectic lifestyle.

Das Connection's Banner, Pangkor Island, Malaysia.

Like going to Pangkor island and sleep under the clear night sky plus thousands of stars, with maybe Wai Cheen or somebody and slack our days through till we rot and die and be buried alive and ultimately be part of the seas.

Oh yeah.

Okay, maybe not that extreme but I'm still serious about the slacking part.

. . .

That's all. For now. Will update a proper post in a day or two's time. Till then, bye.

Credits too, to Ivan for his pictures,proudly stolen from


tripledot said...

i was actually half asleep when i was reading this post. but then suddenly, *opens eyes bigger* "ey..i saw my name..awww.."..then, "ey..i saw my name again..awww.." :D hehe i had to make sure i was not hallucinating. haha the moral of the story is: your post made me feel so...remembered :) i shall HOPE for your return to msia for christmas ! :D if i ever land in spore, we go fishing la kay ! bring hammock. haha

- waicheen

Jordan said...

haha, I had to read your comment twice to understand the full content of your message.. yeah, till then when we meet again.

Jenny said...

You won't be seeing your dog cos I will have stolen him. :)

Yi Ling said...

OMG. your DOG IS CUTE! i want to TOUCH your dog :D :D :D HAHA. okay. sounds damn wrong. but still ... mehh. Texas is cute lei >< HMPH. you evil thing. i want see dog T.T HMPH. i like your first point about the family thing. touching ._. not going back this hols ah?

Janice said...

nice one..
u are one family guy huh..

Janice said...

nice one..
u are one family guy huh..

Jordan said...

Thanks gals, it's really warm a thought to be having, expecially this time of the year.

V is for VINTAGE omgggg I'm sooo inlove with V-intage-ness now!

cheahwey said...

I miss camping by the beach...
At night damn syok lor, so many stars. See already also want to cry man.

Jordan said...

I agree with you 200% sis.

Last time during our post SPM days, I used to collect a friend or two and go for our own self camp, two successfully so far.

I'll show you two blog coverage of both camps something k. Just buzz up on me or something, if you are reading this now.