Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Missing Book

It's about time now..

This is my library account. Frankly speaking, it's not doing good since a few months now.

Apparently there's some kind of mental obstacle whenever I even think of opening that page

When I first enrolled into my institution 3 years ago, I was the good guy type(quite) . I'm always checking my status to make sure things is doing fine.

However, as time passes and we become more familiar with this, things eventually changed.

The fine (above) ,somehow became the other FINE (below).

Zoomed In. Oh. Shit. Not good..

It's quite simple actually. A few months ago during my most recent trip back to Malaysia, I brought back this book. It is called 60 Quick Tips for Getting Organized or something of that sort.

It went M.I.A

When my holiday was over, I came back to Singapore, yup, without the book. Even my Intelligence in Malaysia are not able to find the book despite the best efforts at locating it.

Perhaps some bad, bad guy came and stole it from my house, maybe because he needed the book more than me( It's called 60 Quick Tips for Getting Organized for a reason, after all).

Or maybe my dog went and buried it somewhere for who-know-why.

He's always been a smart and sneaky dog

Whatever it is, it has disappeared and is officially missing.

Ever since it's gone, I've been living in oblivion about it. The fines is at 10 cents per day, and currently it's at 3.30, which means I've been fined since 33 days ago.

This somehow also reminded me of Geoshua's this particular post

And the best part is, whenever I'm reminded of it, it makes me laugh. It's not that I'm laughing at myself for being so ridiculous, but more actually because .. it's plain funny. I don't know why, but just funny.

Grounded in school, Growing of Fines
I hope not.

Maybe it has something to do with this- Someone once said, if we don't settle our fines, we won't be graduating. Imagine that.. omg. Okay, maybe you can't but I can because I'm graduating in 2 months time.

I'm planning to pay up when the amount of my Fines, equals the value of the book.

..which according to Amazon.com, is around 10dollar or something.

Amazon.com: It is around 10dollar or something.

Okay.. it's not really like that. But the book is seriously valued at $9.95 at their catalog here.

Conclusion- keep your stuff well so you don't need to be living a overly interesting life like mine.


Yi Ling said...

LOL! JORDAN AH JORDAN. wait scarely you see the fine at $100. HAHHAHHA. i see what you say XD LOL. your dog buried it =.= i'd be an idiot to believe you. LOL. XD HAHA.

renaye said...

oh dear. so far i have never been fined but overborrowed books !!! sometimes i was asked to return some books as i have been hoarding them!

Jordan said...

I went to the counter and had to EVENTUALLY admit that the book .. by my girlfriend. BUT EVEN THEN I AM NO GUILTY!!! ROARRRR loll

FrosteChic said...

i was sniggering at the picture with your dog burying the book. haha i've 2 dogs too and i think they might've done the same with some of my stuff sometimes. haha

Jordan said...

heeyy sam!

Yeah, they always have the capability to do such things!