Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm Blue. It's Christmas, Isn't?

This is a random post.

I'm Blue

It's Christmas today and I'm feeling the blues. I've been sleeping the whole day, woke up at 6pm, continued to piss more people off and now, feeling awkwardly out of place.

While reading my book, I've somehow seen the light and found two things as my scapegoat I would put as the reasons for my mysterious blues. They are, my mussel friends and my fishing needs.

Mussel Friends from Cold Storage, Holland V outlet.
Friends since: about 3 hours ago,( gonna end soon)

I've bought some mussel , wanted to barbecue them like how I did for the chicken wings then, but now I'm lost of ideas on how to cook them. I'm also imagining how they are gonna rot in the fridge and be overwhelmed by freaking maggots yikes.

Maybe I should just dip them in black soy sauce or honey and barbecue them. Or maybe boil them then eat it hot. Or boil them, then cook together with Campbell's soup. But maybe the mussel will ruin the taste of it, how?

I seriously don't know, someone tell me?

Urge to go Fishing
Fishing since : Forever
Urge since : Not sure, overnight maybe?

I love fishing. In recent nights I've been dreaming about fishing the shit out of them fishes . Reality isn't that sweet actually. Despite being full equipped with the gears,

1. I don't know where to fish in Singapore( real fishing please, I don't do fishing at the beach or pay ponds)
2. I don't have any fishing kaki, other than Keat. Who is my kaki to everything, that doesn't count actually.
3. Find time is hard too, since it's a hectic period lately.
4. Budget. How? Anyone wants to donate for my fishing expedition? Lol.

Actually number 4 isn't much of a concern, it's just a ever-present concern lately. Christmas = heavy spending month= budget life/ eat grass .

Okay. Time to continue reading my book and maybe I shall see more lights.

Till then, bye. Merry Christmas :)


aSyRaff said...

i also sleeping whole day... muscles... fry nicer =]

Jordan said...

ahaha, i considered that too. Reminded me of the malay style cooking sambal mussel lol.

I'm hungry. Great

Yi Ling said...

but pasta sauce and cook next time lor.

Jordan said...

yuck yuck yuck. I've finish it up d. Didn't know, open it then the smeeeeelllllll came out whoooh!

It's like a seaside house already, the smell, the taste, the atmosphere.

Lols. Not gonna get any more of that stuff for quite a while now.