Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ever wondered how electricity tastes like?

p/s: Okay,a pretty random update on a more random thought of mine. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Electricity : Friend or Foe

I woke up in the morning and was charging my mp3 player, when out of the sudden I had a weird curiosity wanting to know how being electrocuted would feels like.

I find it a little weird because the world we live in nowadays revolves around electricity, literally. And yet getting an accidental electrocution from our household appliances is very rare if never. Which possibly is another reason which fueled my curiosity, coz' I've haven't tasted it in ages.

Of late, every time I plug in the laptop charger, or fix the mp3 player charger to it's extension cord and turn it on, for a split second the thought of possibly being unexpectedly electrocuted runs through my mind. Which is quite scary actually.

I do know the basic sensation of being electrocuted because I've experienced it, and caused it first hand. The sensation is like a funny weird frequency vibrating through your whole body making it tremble, and if any longer burns will develop at the area of contact. Skins will turn black, flesh will melt and turn jelly. Pretty messy, you don't want to be cleaning that up.

Do you find me weird? Well, I do find myself weird from time to time again, because of random freaky thoughts just like this. When they said I am mentally unstable, I have never denied it ..well because it's rather true.

I'm am also wondering, how does it feels like being electrocuted? The last time I've tasted it, it was from a bathroom light connection, but just a very brief taste of it. That's maybe 6-7 years ago. I've tried googling it up but the results returned is too mathematical or inaccurate.


Never mind. I'll continue this some day in the future when.. ahem ahem. Yup.

Oh, I've got a movie shooting to participate in again at 10am. Shall make a move soon. Bye.


Yi Ling said...

AHHAHAHAHAHHAH. i can imagine you with that affro hairstyle la. LOL. all chao da and all XD

Jordan said...

lol, i never imagine that yet you already imagine me so jialat likedat liao.

Marcus said...

I got it many times before, it feels just like a tazer to the left testicle.

Jordan said...

lol, agreed. Just by thinking of it also I can FEEL my left ball being zapped. LOL.

Okay, maybe that's too serious.

Harmony said...

It taste very expensive nowadays.