Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hybrid Friends or Pure Unglamness?

P/s: This is just one side of the story, hear it from the other 2 sides here:
Yesterday night as I was soo engrossed in blogging about my Barbecue Gone Wrong post, this Geoshua idiot friend of mine started doing his routine bugging.

F la Saturday go Zouk Out
F you la Nuffnang nuffnang everyday, let's go ZoukOut can see chiobu
F la only 20 dollar plus once a year only leh come la I jio jonny
F you la F
F you la reply leh

Ya. Every sentence he talk got F word. Kids nowadays..

Then there's this ladybird gal aka Karmen who just like every other time, somehow started conversing over msn.

Sweetdream my LA-Ex!

After a while of shit, Geoshua eventually opened up his horny side and started asking me to ask Karmen go join us this Saturday for the yearly ZoukOut event.

Geo: I am HORNY where is KARMEN das Cameralady!

Being so busy as always, I eventually added them both into one another's conversation box and went on with my own business.

Eh afk I go pee first

Not that business I mean, but nevermind.

Fast foward a few hours and they've connected very well, perhaps becuase they have a common talking ground (with is a picture of me doing some lampole dance a few years back). That's just one, for all I know they are doing funny, naughty things behind my back too.

What is this supposed to mean?

Early this morning, Geoshua told me over InnitCbox that there's a picture of me on Karmen's blog. Yah. Yah yah yah. This is what happens when I cross breed two funny shit people in my life- they never fail to impress me. Sensing an total personal assault, they left me with no choice other than to do .. what I have to do.



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