Monday, December 22, 2008

A Day Out at Johore

Went to Johore whole of yesterday. Snapped lots of pictures so I figured I might as well share it here. View on.

The new immegration checkpoint. They are trying to be a Singapore maybe. Too little people but simply too big.

Johore ice kacang. Cost about Rm 2.50/ $ 1.1 and taste really great. It's chocolate all over the top for your info.

Fried noodles, Rm 3.50. Another great bargain for those living in Singapore by any standards.

Went to the Sultan's garden after our lunch and played around there. Wonderful place.

Sultan's playground :)

A pond. With fishes. I spotted them first, damnit.

And they live eating my shit. LOL

Anyway, there's Rahul , Priscilla and me with the typical malaysian mentality- no risks, no thrills.

This place reminds me of my Indonesia trip last year, where everything is too good to be true. Like the garden as big as ..big la. It's simply too real to be fake. Lol.

Here is me and the other two posing accordingly to the demand of the place. Or something like that la. I wanted to walk in the pond too and gay with the statue but I couldn't see the base of the pond.. lol.

Reached the hilltop after some long journey. Here I am caught starring at blank space again.

The reason is because the scinery is simply breathetaking. As in the sea, in abundance. I can imagine all the fishes calling to be fished out there, typical jordan style.

Somewhere along the way we found a forest path again. With me and Rahul, it's very obvious we had to explore it. I found a well. Well, a well which used to be a well. It's sealed up maybe because of some suicide case or something.

Ah ha. And my personal achivement of the day- I've gotten a pair or slippers for a mere 4 ringgit, or 1.80 dollar. Nothing like this , ever, in Singapore.

We went for a movie, and after that Prisc drove us to a local roadside stall. Typical Malay malaysian food, simply awesome. That, together with the drinks and all, cost Rm5, about 2.1o dollar. Another achivement by any Singapore standards.

I had to buy this too, Cendol in cup. Cost RM 1, or $0.4o. Siao.

Posing to the background, remember, I'm still a Malaysian afterall.

Went and pick up Melvin who had just arrived back from Perak. It doesn't get much better than this with the clique reunited once again.

Finally we ended up at Danga Bay, a stretch of beach overlooking Singapore.

Next time, we shall go Johore again!


BLue said...

This is why we can't stop loving our own country :p

Jordan said...


Minus the rubbish lol.

FrosteChic said...

they sealed the well up because of sadako!!! D:

haha sorry had to say that lol!

tripledot said...

this is totally unrelated to your post..
but i just wanna say that im surprised some silly comment by you made me smile at 4 in the morning. :)

- waicheen

Jordan said...

Sam: Lol, don't worry I'm perfectly fine with random spamming, provided it's from people I know personally.

I agree with you bout that too! Shit. Now you're giving me the creeps..

Cheen: Hahaha, cheers :)

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